A slang term used to represent the word douchebag. This term can also be used as a pronoun for example instead of saying Hunter one could say d-bag!
When a person is constantly acting like a total asshole that person is being a "d-bag". Take Hunter for example that kid is one total d-bag!
by Jacob Golfman Miller May 31, 2007
The shortened version of Douchbag.
Wow. Jhace is such a D-bag...
by thatguy9998 March 09, 2010
Shortened term for "douchebag". Any person who acts in a stupid, ridiculous, foolish, or unsatisfactory manner. A true nuisance in society.
Did you just see that guy use a lame pick-up line on that girl?

Yeah, what a d-bag.
by Livmeister January 14, 2009
the douche-like version of the word douchebag.

the only people that use this word are douchebags themselves.
"omg that guy is such a d-bag"
"dude you are a douchbag just for saying the word 'd-bag'
by rainbowlicker August 20, 2009
Someone you work with who you really dont like! (only works with co-workers)
Bob is such a fucking D Bag, he fucks everything up!
by Tizzle Mizzle March 26, 2009
Short for "douche bag". Used in place of many nouns including: idiot, moron, dick, jerk, etc.
Juan thinks he is smarter than me. What a d-bag.
by sperm cleana August 30, 2008
Short for douche-bag. Usually gets more of a rise out of people
Dude, your being a total d-bag...
by HooZen October 08, 2006

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