When referring to internet usage a d-bag could describe:
1. Anyone who uses a blog
2. Someone who posts comments on YouTube
3. People who constantly change their status update on facebook
4. Anyone who even knows what the fuck twitter is and why its relevant

In summary, anyone who uses the internet assuming that their life, thoughts and opinion are of any value to other people...
A: "Hey, I just went to Europe and wrote a blog about it, you should check it out..."
B: "Did the people in Europe realize what a d-bag you were or did they encourage you to become one?"

A: "This video is so funny, I seriously LMFAO =)"
B: " I can see the video just fine without reading your fucking comment...If your not a 12 year old prepubescent girl you probably shouldn't use gay tag lines...d-bag"

A: Hey, did you guys hear about this new thing called twitter?
B: Yeh, I can't believe they made something gayer than facebook...
A: What?! But celebrities write what their thinking and thats really important for my well-being...
B: You're such a d-bag
by halifornication November 10, 2009
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a bag or satchel of dicks of varying size and weight, closely associated to a bag of hammers. Can also be used instead of the term Dickhead or D-head.
John: Man your cousin is such a fuckin' d bag!!!
Kim: Why do you say that...?
John: Cause he's gayer than a bag of dicks!!!

Girl: Why the fuck did you cum in me, you d bag!?
Guy: I don't know, cause it felt sooo goood....
by xBlakzombie423x March 20, 2010
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chodes; would rather bang their best bro over a slam piece
Matt and Jason McDaniel are d bags
by Idick April 12, 2010
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A slang term used to represent the word douchebag. This term can also be used as a pronoun for example instead of saying Hunter one could say d-bag!
When a person is constantly acting like a total asshole that person is being a "d-bag". Take Hunter for example that kid is one total d-bag!
by Jacob Golfman Miller May 31, 2007
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Short for douche-bag. Usually gets more of a rise out of people
Dude, your being a total d-bag...
by HooZen October 08, 2006
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Is an alternative way of saying douche bag, which is used to cleanse a dirty smelly vagina. Consisting of vinegar and water in a squeeze container, a D'Bag is like vaginal mouthwash. It may also be used to insult a person who, like a smelly vagina, is shunned by the general population.
James, who delivers audio equipment, is a D'bag.

Geeze Sally, better cleanse that smelly thing with a D'Bag.

She needs to hose that vag off with an industrial strength D'bag.

by Nathy April 12, 2008
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"Man, that Zach Braff dude from Scrubs is a real D-Bag!"
by Sickdawg0 April 12, 2009
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