a bag of dicks. a group of people acting like dicks. a group of individuals composed of tools who behave like they are better than you
Yall guys are a bunch of d-bags
by silentwig January 22, 2009
The short form for Douche-bag and Dick-bag
Person1: Haha, i can lift more than you
Person2: Shut your mouth you D-bag
by $e9a May 19, 2009
anyone who likes the band fall out boy, drives a hummer, or eats pasta with a spoon.
"Man that guy is such a d-bag"

"well he is driving a hummer"

"ahh go figure."
by Alejandro Armando October 03, 2008
kristen stewart
Girl 1: Did you see Kristen Stewart in the paper today?
Girl 2: Yeah I did. What a d-bag.

Guy 1: That Twilight movie is so full of d-bags.
Guy 2: Yeah I know, right? Kristen Stewart is the main actor.
by I AM a yummy raison June 21, 2010
can be used as an insult to describe a guy who is a real asshole. also can be used lightly between friends.
"Adam ditched me last night."
"Yeah, he is a total dbag."

"why didn't you call me last night?"
"I went out with Bobby."
"Well thats dbagish of you."
by danielle2 March 23, 2007
1. Short for Douche Bag

2. RABID liberals, e.g. regular readers of moveon.org, dailykos.com & huffingtonpost.com, who are typically sick to their stomachs at the mere sound of Hillary Clinton's name but choose to vote for her anyway just because there is a letter "D" next to her name on the official ballot.

3. Any member of the EBT crowd who was DUBED into voting for anyone with the letter "D" next to their names on the official ballot as the letter "D" means DOUBLING your EBT balance.
I don't want to be a D'Bag. I'd rather stay true to my beliefs and sit out this Presidential election. No more Clinton! No more Bush!
by SSTTWW April 16, 2015
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