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An abbreviation for Deutsche Bank AG, a German bank. The bank does not resent being called this - they actually use it in their official legal documents.
Paul: "Remember that German guy Wolfgang Schneidelberger from college?"
Ted: "Yeah, that guy really thought he was the cat's pajamas. What a Deutsche bag. What is that guy up to nowadays?"
Paul: "I heard he just got a job at Deutsche Bank selling subprime mortgage bonds to poor towns in third-world countries that don't know any better."
Ted: "So he's at DBAG, is he? Why am I not surprised?"
by Nicholas D March 03, 2008
a bag of dicks. a group of people acting like dicks. a group of individuals composed of tools who behave like they are better than you
Yall guys are a bunch of d-bags
by silentwig January 22, 2009
The short form for Douche-bag and Dick-bag
Person1: Haha, i can lift more than you
Person2: Shut your mouth you D-bag
by $e9a May 19, 2009
anyone who likes the band fall out boy, drives a hummer, or eats pasta with a spoon.
"Man that guy is such a d-bag"

"well he is driving a hummer"

"ahh go figure."
by Alejandro Armando October 03, 2008
Short for douche bag. Someone extremely lame.
He is such a D Bag!
by Holly Juneau September 05, 2008
kristen stewart
Girl 1: Did you see Kristen Stewart in the paper today?
Girl 2: Yeah I did. What a d-bag.

Guy 1: That Twilight movie is so full of d-bags.
Guy 2: Yeah I know, right? Kristen Stewart is the main actor.
by I AM a yummy raison June 21, 2010
can be used as an insult to describe a guy who is a real asshole. also can be used lightly between friends.
"Adam ditched me last night."
"Yeah, he is a total dbag."

"why didn't you call me last night?"
"I went out with Bobby."
"Well thats dbagish of you."
by danielle2 March 23, 2007