Used in place of "dammit!" or "oh shit!" This would be said if you mess up.
Hey Sam, you flunked the test.

Yo Bob, that guy stole your camera.
by Anonymous May 23, 2003
50 years ago when in boarding school, an expression indistinguishable from Homer’s “doh” was a popular reproach to another teenage dope’s intellectual vacuity of the moment. No one escaped the title! How did it transit all those decades?? Is this just another item in the records of the eternal return?? If the latter, then ‘doh’ arises from a deep cultural meme or, as the neuropsychs might have it, hard-wiring.'d I miss that?!
by Toonly March 29, 2011
Meaning cool or good; like dope meaning cool without the "pe" sound.
This song is D-OH
by Dr. Rellim February 08, 2010
A word that homer uses when he does something wrong. Usually found in the simpsons
I just need one more shot. DOH i missed the hoop!
by HomerSimpson1212 January 14, 2007
To say Doh!, means that you messed something up badly, or you gotta work, and you don't want to, so you say Doh!!
Jimmy- Doh! I just got in last place!
Dad- I get to clean up his mess... Mom- Doh!
Bob- Aww, come on, you can jump higher than that! *death music* Doh!

by Anon. Man November 24, 2008
The word used when you do something stupid, most comonly if your an old man at Save Mart.
Cashier: That will be 6.50
Old Man: DOH! I only have 4.70! Don't you hate when that happens?
by octoberbreeze April 22, 2008
when a silly twat says another stupid thing!
`the sea is green'
by burngun48 January 03, 2005
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