An Annoyed Grunt
Homer: "So Lenny, how much does this job pay?"
Lenny: "Nothing"
Homer: "D'OH!"
Lenny: "Unless you're crooked"
Homer: "WOOHOOO!"
by GxSlim July 25, 2002
All above definitions accepted, but the ORIGIN of the word is in the mid sixties in England. Peter Glaze in the BBC childrens' tv show "Crackerjack" coined this word first.

Sorry, Homer.
I forgot to remember. Doh!
by William Wilson March 06, 2007
a grunt used in a moment of pain, annoyance, embarrassment, etc (orginally used by the character Homer from the TV show, The simpsons)
walter: Did you remember the cake?

Jason: Oh ,crap I forgot.

Walter: Do'h!
by Light Joker March 19, 2006
an exclamaition of anger, annoyance, error etc. orig. c.1990
PERSON ONE: fraid so infinity + 1
PERSON 2: D'oh
by Brother Number One June 28, 2003
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