the best word used by the best person Homer Simpson!
Do'h!... I peed my pants
by Ned Flanders Sucks April 12, 2005
simson waitschullies
simson waitschullies is d'oh!!!
by Craig February 03, 2004
*dropped your coffe* D'oh!
by weeeeeeeeee October 08, 2003
1. extreme tubing in which you have to lean violently on the other person in your single tube.
2. to be fingered or given a hand job at the pines.
3. becca's sex noise.
4. fucking
5. the best word ever!
1. we had to doh on that corner to stay on the tube.
2. i am totally getting dohed tonight at the pines.
3. uh uh uh uh DOH!
4. we were totally dohing in the camper it was a rockin.
5. DOH!
by Alotta Vachyna July 20, 2008
Did you know that d'oh appears in written form in only two simpsons episodes?
That one where homer has a dream and there's a talking coyote

The one where homer has his mouf shut. k thanks.
by Gumba Gumba June 04, 2004
Hello!! its only Homer Simpson's favorite word!!!!
by Spaz July 07, 2003
a sound a baby uses to represent speaking during the months of 1 and 12.
baby: hu...da
by RomeoPalacios January 14, 2008
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