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is another word for 'life of the party'...
Damn, that night was a Darci....
by Cocktail2 April 28, 2009
127 29
tends to speak without thinking..but above all we couldnt live without her. not a man but a woman with an identity crisis
" beth, do you know wut a cherry is?"
by alix-her keeper- October 16, 2004
90 60
an empire in the middle of nowhere.
-darci, like it or get the fuck out
by pooooooooop April 24, 2008
55 45

Beautiful, kind, caring, enthusiastic, unique, genius and most of all talented!

Loved by Wills
"Darci is looking great like always"
"There's Darci! Make a good impression!"
by 💕💕💕 October 20, 2013
6 5
says the dumbest shit, is loved by jamies
'i think it has something to do with the chest area'
by elliott spore October 10, 2004
58 66