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A country formerly part of Czecheslovakia. Its capital is Prague.
I went to the Czech Republic last year.
by Kent October 24, 2003
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A country where there are copious amounts of good quality girls, alcohol, and small sandwiches.
"Let's go the Czech Republic, I'm hungry, lonely, and in need of a drink."
by welikeshrimp December 09, 2007
Is a country that I was Born in, it is surounded by Austria And Germany and Slovakia, they speek czech there and it is one of the most historical cities in europe (might i suggest going there for ther summer) Its fun if you want to go to a place were you can see historical sites or things and also at the same time go to clubs and just...well party pretty much =D
me: Hey, sup
Some guy: Hey is the Czech Republic a nice place?
me: oh ya...lots of old
some guy: say what?
me: Beer....lots of it
me: have fun
some guy: YOU BET!!!
by D@nte April 19, 2006
chilly country inna heart o europe, formerly known as kingdom of bohemia, later as a part of czechoslovakia

mostly known as a travel paradise for terror-tourists from western europe who simply aim to liqourize their brains with one o the best beers on this planet: tha REAL Budweiser and one o the best liquors: Becherovka

also known as "check republic"
Let's go to czech republic coz I just checked our cigs are goin to end soon.

Czech republic is the heart of Europe.
by PanzerKeks March 03, 2007
Czechs... invented Semtex, crystal meth (Czecho), are THE pioneers of good beer (Budweiser is from Plzen and anybody who says otherwise is fucking stupid), established McDonalds, engineered their own cars (Skoda) and are currently developing a cure for cancer.

Oh and Czech Republic > Poland. Marie Curie and Chopin were FRENCH, they may have been Polish-born but they moved out of Poland because none of the Polak dumbasses understood anything about radiation or music. Poles have been raped by Germany so many times throughout history that they started using "w" to pronounce v (like the Germans). No other self-respecting Slavic nation would do this. Poles are extreme nationalists because every nation around them rules harder than it does so this definition is probably gonna have 500 thumbs down votes thx to the Polaks.
What do you get if you remove half of a Czech's brain? Two smart Polaks!

Czech Republic > Poland :D
by Lech (:P) May 03, 2007
Bullshits, bullshits, bullshits.

Nobody of you is czech. So how can you speak loud of our country? I rather don't want to see that foolish creature, who would believe this mucks.

Our country hasn't history? You silly polandian, try to remind Karel IV, isn't it he, who had half of your country in his kingdom? We've never fought for our country? Do you know something about the world war one legions? They fought against Habsburg monarchy, to free our country from their ruling.

And the haircut? You are trying to be funny? Elektronik Supersonik, anyone who would listen it to end listen how Zladko said ,, long live Molvania, long live'', I think Molvania is not Czech Republic, Molvania doesn't exist, Zladko from that videoclip is Rumaninan.

Try to think before you write something...
Nobody knows something about Czech republic ... It's sad...
by František Novotný January 01, 2008
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