Someone who wants to be in love and loves the idea, but realizes that love is ultimately self destructive and counter productive to advancing personal goals and or the self
"Marc really wants a girlfriend because he loves the idea of being close to someone and having someone appreciate him, but says that getting wrapped up in a girl would just lead to him losing all sense of self and ambition in her. Talk about a cynical romantic"
by Plaidmonster January 18, 2010
Top Definition
Someone who thinks loves is a really nice thing and a great ideal, but believes that it is something that will realistically never happen for them.
"John really enjoys being around Erika, but he won't ask her out because he's convinced himself that any relationship would inevitably crash and burn. He's such a cynical romantic."
by alaricut September 17, 2008
Someone who is in love with the idea of Being in love, but believes that logically there is no such thing as love
She who loves everything romantic, but doesn't believe in love is a cynical romantic.
by Mimzy626 June 26, 2008
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