That loser that goes to parties, borrows someones laptop and goes on Facebook/Twitter.
M Darlington is exceptionally cyber social.
by sorite May 06, 2011
Top Definition
The online equivalent of being social, such as chatting to friends via messenger services or participating in an online discussion forum/community.
"I'm not antisocial, just cybersocial."
by beeurd September 07, 2005
a person who doesnt have much social life otherwise, but has lots of friends on his online messengers whom he/she tries to make contact with desperately when online.
from a chat window...
Dave1 : Dude... last night when i was tipsy i realised how cyber social i am in this foreign country

Dave2 : yea dude... this chick told me that u were sending nudges to her like crasy last night !
by skidmark19 June 24, 2007
1. Someone is more social on social networking sites like myspace or facebook than they are in real life.

2. Someone who becomes more social on social networking sites.

3. Someone addicted to social networking sites
Jonathan is very cybersocial he spends all day checking his facebook page.

He is very cybersocial in his free time.
by Lighning777 January 01, 2009
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