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(V.) When two people meet up on an Internet Chatroom and pretend to have sex.
Cybersex is usually practised by horny teenagers who have no friends or 37 year old males who still live with their mothers.
HoTgUy3634: Hey asl?
SXcBiATCH2K4: 14/f/aus
HoTgUy3634: 17/m/usa
SXcBiATCH2K4: wanna cyber?!?
HoTgUy3634: Sure!!!1111

(Usually go on to say things like:
I suk ur rok-hard cock...
...And then I fuk u rlly hard)

NOTE: Both people will probably be bullshitting about their details.
by Glittery Goddess July 29, 2004
136 51
When two or more applicatns engage in online sexual activites.
oh anna baby i love you
i love you too
oh harder
really aint i doing it hard enough?
oh please your turning my mother board on
oh god dont stop
floppy disk drive thingie flashes
oh my
oh my
oh my
james stop stop
why baby
i think this is wrong
it aint wrong
its all worth it in the end
okay babe whatever you say
• Licks ur tiny cock

Wow that was lame yet good
wow i hope my anti virus protection worked
i soo aint getting pregent

that was the most best cyber sex we have ever had.
by havea guess August 10, 2007
163 83
I version of communication between two individuals on the internet how wish to fufill one of their desires, be it sexual, amusement or the like.
Will is desperately horny, so naturally he goes to his computer and finds eight year old girls to talk to.
by Zachary Thaddeus Mansell November 27, 2003
115 67
she (potentially he) types: ..and i begin down your legs.
he types:..and i caress your boobs.
WILLLICKU: hey baby wana cyber
dontcallmenikki: uh. wtf.
by dontcallmenikki October 27, 2003
74 33
The horrible spawn of lonely 75-year old hairy fat men in order to virtually de-virginise lonely 13-year old nerds over the internet. Describing oneself as a sexy 19-year old pornstar goes a long way.
"Damn man the cyber sex i'm getting lately is great"
"You sure it's not one of those 75 year old guys right?"
by Death By Zobb December 13, 2004
146 119
having semi-legal sexual relations over the internet without making physical contact with the other individual.
Will got bored of having cybersex with 8 year old girls, so he went into the pokemon chatroom to trick 5 year old japanese boys into having cyber sex with him.
by none of your god damn bussiness December 02, 2003
91 67
the act of retards who have sex over the internet.
we cybered last nite. allllll niight long. it kinda sucked in a sense
by jiggawhut?! April 25, 2005
156 136