The lowest form of sexual contact one might obtain.
I go into chatrooms, pretend to be a girl, and give guys phone numbers of idiots that I know. The fools are clueless.
by Bastardized Bottomburp October 22, 2003
Cybersex is a virtual sex encounter in which two or more persons connected remotely via a computer network send one another sexually explicit messages describing a sexual experience
Noah: Let's Cyber <3
Anna: okay let's pretend to be on my mom's bed
by Krycek April 28, 2005
Making sweet passionate love with an individual online. Oh, baby.
Hey Swag, wanna have sweet passionate sex with me online?
by Wakka November 16, 2003
The physiological interaction with ones own self or others sexually, while being predominantly aroused by image, sound, or text provided via cyberspace. internet.
by EMitchell3 August 07, 2003
Otherwise known as cybering. The act of two persons having sex in their chats. Often done wrong - with many cockblocking/mood-ending moments. Perhaps the youth of today should learn to properly cyber. The following example is what not to do.
shasaa: *flushes*
shasaa: ;////;
sorinvizor: *kisses your chin down your neck*
shasaa: *moans*
sorinvizor: do you really hate it?
shasaa: *eyes rolls up in headddd*
shasaa: *snaps out of eet* hmm what?
sorinvizor: *kisses some more applying more pressure to your crotch with my fingers*
shasaa: O///////O
sorinvizor: *kisses your lips*
sorinvizor: time to dive?
shasaa: *kisses back fervently* i missed your lips ;/////;
sorinvizor: then I'll stay up here a bit longer
sorinvizor: *kisses back*
shasaa: mmmm'
shasaa: *pooling up down thar*
sorinvizor: *moves your underwear aside exposing you then puts in a couple of fingers rubbing your insides by alternating fingers*
sorinvizor: do you miss my lips kissing your lips down there?
sorinvizor: or would you like my tool?
shasaa: *mumbles*
shasaa: nnn mmm lips...tool....lipsss....... *_____*
sorinvizor: lol
sorinvizor: *takes it out and puts your hand on it*
sorinvizor: it missed you too
sorinvizor: *kisses passionately moving from your lips to your neck and back*
shasaa: *is weak* gomen
shasaa: Pllaysss with it gentlyyy
shasaa: just lightlyyy for now mmmmm
sorinvizor: it's alright baby
shasaa: *applies moar pressure*
shasaa: *gets more excited and breast tips harden*
sorinvizor: *giggles* looks like you're in the mood
shasaa: *glassy eyed*
This is horrible cyber sex.
by AnonymouslyAnonymousAnon February 04, 2010
(V.) When two people meet up on an Internet Chatroom and pretend to have sex.
Cybersex is usually practised by horny teenagers who have no friends or 37 year old males who still live with their mothers.
HoTgUy3634: Hey asl?
SXcBiATCH2K4: 14/f/aus
HoTgUy3634: 17/m/usa
SXcBiATCH2K4: wanna cyber?!?
HoTgUy3634: Sure!!!1111

(Usually go on to say things like:
I suk ur rok-hard cock...
...And then I fuk u rlly hard)

NOTE: Both people will probably be bullshitting about their details.
by Glittery Goddess July 29, 2004
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