sex online
i lost my virginity by cybering!
by j00l.i.e April 26, 2003
Online roleplay sex. People do it to release sexual tension.
She cybered with that hottie she met on myspace.
by SexiEmmi April 17, 2007
A shortened term for cyber sex. It is the act of describing sexual actions they are or want to take on the participants via the internet. This usually takes place in chatrooms. Most of the people who engage in 'cybering' are either preteens who can't get a real boy/girlfriend or men over the age of 40 who like to rape little kids but don't want to go to prison so they do it via online. Most of the older men lie and say their ASL is 16/F/California. So beware.

In conclusion, cybering is for lonely losers... *cough cough*
-in Yahoo! Chats-

Horny Adolescent: hey babe. asl?
Old Man: 16/F/CA. u?
Horny Adolescent: 17/M/FL
Old Man: oooh. u make me soo horny
Horny Adolescent: wanna cyber?
Old Man: k. u go first
Horny Adolescent: -sticks c*** in ur p****-
Old Man: oh yes!!!111 that feels so gooood
by Pretty Pornstar June 16, 2009
A synonym for cool. Used when something is new and pretty great.
Wow Sophie that Scarf is so cyber!
That dance crew has really cyber moves!
by oliviacyber April 27, 2015
sex over the internet for all those horn-dogs out there that can't wait to do it in person OR cant get anyone to do anything with them once they see them in person. cyber usssually involves masturbation.
i'm so horny. wanna cyber?
by OhYeah Manwhich January 13, 2008
There are two definitions for this word.

1. To have sex using roleplay.
2. To have webcam sex.
Man: Hey baby...wanna cyber?
Lady: Ooh yeah baby! *Takes her clothes off*

Lady: Wanna cyber bigboy?
Man: Yeah, I just got my webcam. Let me strip my clothes and take pictures.
Lady: Ooh yeah!

by Crazyiness November 11, 2005
The act of having sex online.

People who cyber are either horny 12 year olds who are just hitting puberty, or 50 year old virgins who live in their mother's basements in Detroit, and need something to jack off to.

Commonly done on Gaia Online.
Boy: Hey baby, your avatar is sexy. Wanna cyber?

Girl(Who is really a 50 yr old dude): Sure sexy.
by PM2134 May 02, 2009
sex online, anyone can show naked pictures of them that really isnt them, they can pretend to be someone there not. and pretend to play with that other person. normally the people cybering are virgins. girls pretending to be lesbians normally happen and the same with boys.
sexyboy: i think we should cyber! you start
sexygirl:i slowly tease you with my bra and thong
sexyboy: i take my pants off and impulse you with my penis up your vagina.....
sexygirl: we have sex and kiss
by MeezAddict July 14, 2008

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