Preparing something so that it only has the finishing touches left. Derived from first planting seeds, watering the lawn and then, finally, cutting the grass.

When there is only 10% left of being complete, that part is the cutting of the grass.
1. I had gotten through nine out of ten questions on the test, I was ready to cut the grass.

2. So I took out the chords, fixed up my guitar, learnt the song, then I spent an hour cutting the grass to make it perfect!

3. She picked up milk and eggs at the store, I mixed the pancake batter, and then we both cut the grass.
by Holden C. May 29, 2006
Top Definition
1. To chat up your mates partner
Grass cutter: I hope I am not cutting the grass
Grass cut-ee: Thats my fucking mrs your chatting up
by Tones86 January 02, 2012
slang for smoking weed
i'll be cutting the grass on friday night with my boys
by conf0000z October 22, 2012
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