1) Where certain parts of a film wind up during editing for one reason or another - could be bloopers, or could be stuff that didn't add to the film in the director's opinion.

2) The usual description used on a DVD for the section where such bits wind up - assuming, of course, they put it on the disk.
The twenty minute soliquoly about cashews wound up on the cutting room floor.
by ke6isf July 23, 2004
Top Definition
Something edited or taken out... Part of the original work that's gone missing in the finished product.

In the days before we had uber-cool computers, film and music had to be edited "by hand"... This involved taking actual recorded tape or developed film, cutting it to remove or insert the bit in question, and then splicing the tape or film for use. The bits cut out would end up, at least temporarily, on the cutting room floor.
Bob and Marsha were going to tell each other thier secrets before they got married... But somehow her affair with Tony ended up on the cutting room floor.
by Honor July 24, 2004
An term used to define parts of a movie or TV show that do not make it into the final product.

There are various reasons a scene might be 'cut'. Time constraints, the producers feeling it doesen't fit or simply not liking the scene for various reasons.

Sometimes releases of a movie are made with cut scenes inserted.
They had a great scene in this movie where the main character comes to terms with his past. Unfortunatly, it didn't make it past the cutting room floor.
by Anonymous July 24, 2004
Where all the scenes not good enough to go into a movie/game go.
That driving scene did nothing to help the plot or feel of the movie, so it was left on the cutting room floor.
by Macksimum July 23, 2004
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