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to do what it takes to get whyat you want no matter the consequences
yo thats cutthroat mu fuker bra he dont play
by splankinberry August 11, 2003
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"That nigga is a straight real cutthroat type of nigga"
by De John Daniels April 23, 2007
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Term used in New Orleans as no good, selfish, sneaky, bout whatever, paper chaser, and can not be trusted. C.T.C. Cut throat city is an area in New Orleans where these thugs hang together. They don't even trust each other because they are all alike.
That's some cut throat ass shit for her to dime you out like that.
He's a cut throat as nigga.
Don't holla at that cut throat nigga.
Repping as a group (C.T.C.) CUT THRAOT CITY
Rapper B.G.'s laber (C.T.C.) CUT THRAOT COMMITTEE
by Putty the pimp June 15, 2006
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to be badass at something
"Damn, you gotta hear that mutha play! He is cutthroat on the drums!"
by Col Trautman July 01, 2003
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very harsh and barbarous
The competition is going to be cutthroat today.
by Light Joker July 15, 2005
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Not much is known because they are a secretive gang but has been considered extreamly dangerous to those who know them. Cut Throats are said to have originated in Detroit,MI. They are also known as CT16 (which stands for Cut Throat Boricuas),Cut Throat Mafia, Diablo's Soldiers, Cut Throat Infintry, and CT5, which are all different branches of the crew. They are known to be cool with People Nation but are not official allies. Sayings they have are "Whats Bangn?", and "if it aint CT get ur TC"(which stands for if it aint Cut Throat get your throat cut). My child hood friend is one, so I know they have been expanding since 2001 but for some reason he wont give much info. They wear red and are often mistaken for Latin Counts (thats probably the reason they go un-noticed so easily).
Other Crew: "Yo"
CT: "was bangn?"
other crew:"I dont f*ck wit Cut Throat"
CT:" Well your diggin your own grave cause If it aint CT get your TC."
by D info December 14, 2007
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How to describe a very sharp, harsh statement towards someone; a statement that "comes at someones neck" in a sense.
"Shut the hell up, Ali! You stupid bitch!!"

"Damn bro that's pretty cutthroat!"
by ampparis52 October 02, 2011
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