a pathetic way to get attention or take pain from within and make it into real pain. person who doesnt realize what they've got and cuts, even thought they might as well just cut deeper to actually make it worth something.
cutters are people who are pathetic && need attention.
by NicoleWishes July 23, 2006
fuckin dumb asses...seriously...get a life
Normal Person: Why do you cut yourself?
Cutter: I like to feel pain!
Normal Person: What a looser.
by Fread August 18, 2006
This is a term used when talking about people who cut themselves as a form of suiside. This term is mostly used to discribe a person.
"Yeah, I heard she is a cutter."
by Amanda March 18, 2005
Usualy a teenage girl who feels she has so much emotional pain, that she literaly takes a knife to her arm. Cutting is lame and retarded and practised by emo's and pseudo-goths alike, but then there are girls who are "popular", but they say they are so tormented on the inside that they go home and cut their arm. this act of self mutilation is meaningless and anyone who cuts should be removed from all sharp objects and get a good punch in the nose.
watch the badly made/wrttien/acted movie "Thirteen" for a good example.
emilys a cutter. she has it all, friends, money, and a nice boyfriends.... oh? whats that you say? yea i agree, why the fuck is SHE cutting?!.... freakin retard.
by Jim October 01, 2005
Somebody who deliberately harms their body to release emotional pain without the intention of suicide
Amy - I am a cutter because I was bullied for three years. People called me fat and worthless. I now suffer from depression and anxiety and I cut to real ease my inner pain.

Michael- I cut because it makes me feel in control. Whenever I feel worthless or that I should die, I cut myself to remind myself I am a real person with feelings.

Caroline- I cut because my mom died a few months ago. It helps me cope whenever I miss her.

Rachel- I cut because I have really low self esteem and I hate myself so much. Self harm is the only thing that helps me.
by 2k15bitches March 07, 2015

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