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stupid emo kids who try to get attention.
they say its an addiction or a way to "release emotional distress" but we all know that bullsh*t. its just a bunch of whiney idiots who have yet to discover sex or drugs.
xBLACKENDxSOULx: im so depressed, i slit my wrist last night
A_Relatively_Intelligent_Person: f*cking cutter...
by punky mic punk-punk January 06, 2008
Emo chicks do it! It looks sexy.
Cutters are sexy, aren't they?
by Eura Phagg December 09, 2006
Cutters are mainly people who want to cut themselves for attention and some cut themselves for marking a certain day.
Some dude: Did you see that emo fag?
Me: yeah, man, that guy does everything for attention. tool."

Some dude: Did you know he cut himself because a lot of things went wrong for him that day?
Me: yeah. he's a cutters
by Pouya Arshadi December 12, 2006
The next step below EMO.
(Maddox is eating beef jerky, and a cutter comes up)
Cutter: I hate my life, family parents, schoo, country, culture.......
Maddox: Yarrr, Go fuck yourself
by Ayatollah Assahollah April 20, 2005
a person (male or female) that cuts themselves usually at the wrists, to deal with pain (from no reason - death). Most emo people cut.
Amy is a cutter because she always has cut marks on her wrists, and hides it with a wrist band.....
by Xx_FoReVeR_eMo_xX September 17, 2006
Someone who cuts themselves in the attempt to be dark and "gothic". Most do it for attention and pity. They want the world to think that their lives are hard and full of personal angst. These people usually are not very intelligent and for the most part are very weak, pathetic disgraces. They make sure the cuts are in plain view so people question and worry about them. They play into the illusion that they want to die, but they always cut across and never down.
Person1 to cutter-"What happened to your arm, are you ok? I'm here if you need to talk"
Cutter*pulls arm away and acts helpless and depressed"
Gothic Girl to cutter-"Grow up and stop longing for attention. If you want to go so bad, cut up"
by NevermorePoe November 15, 2006
people who are fazed by everything and are to attention craved and caught up in hating the world that they wont take the time out to pull the trigger.
the kids who chill at dennys, smoke cigarettes and drink coffee all while bitching about life
by Maddy November 23, 2004