People who may or may not enjoy cutting themselves. Most people who are truely cutters have led a pretty hard and interesting life. They cut themselves to relieve stress or depression. Famouse cutters include: Angelina Jolie, Shirley Manson from Garbage, Lindsay Lohan, and me. Lately cutting has become a fad, especially with the emo kids. Most of these emo kids haven't had anything happen to them that would cause them to want to cut themselves. If any of these emo kids are reading this, they need to grow up and get a life or cut themselves till they hit a vein and die.
Cutters are people too,
they just need extra love,
every scar shows the hard life-
they've led
by You_don't_need_therapy June 27, 2010
Money. See nadsat, the slang language used in A Clockwork Orange.
"Can you spare some cutter me brother?"
by apatheticgenius July 26, 2005
A name pertaining to limestone cutters in Bloomington Indiana.
We're gonna show them that the Cutters are much tougher than those Indiana University Chumps. (movie: Breaking Away)
by Freddie123 November 10, 2005
A slang term for a nice ass. The word derives from the term "turd cutter." Cutter was formed as a more discrete form of turd cutter to prevent being caught while complimenting a girl's ass.
Damn, that's a nice cutter
by slo85 August 28, 2006
A person (e.g ME) Who cuts themself when they get depressed, and can't deal with stuff anymore. It is a release of depression, makes people feel better. Cutting is a way of self harming. to take situations out of your system, by hurting yourself.
Cutters: I get a sharp blade and cut my arms when I'm depressed.
by Johnny182 November 09, 2005
A cutter is an individual usually a teenager, who uses the repeated slices of their skin with sharp objects as a supposed release from their inner anguish. In truth, these individuals are simply too stupid to know they could just as easily get mental care from a licensed pyschiatrist instead of permanently scarring themselves and adding to their self loath and low self esteem. If you know a cutter, do the right thing, tell a responsible caregiver who can help them, the scars that a cutter leaves upon themselves are simply cries for help.
Tara was so devestated by David dumping her that she retreated back to her cutter habits.
by Jamie Moorhouse April 02, 2008
The act of using your body as a canvas to paint the tears of your heart.
Cutters are people whose hearts have been broken.

Maddy was a wanna be cutter cos she thought it was the emo way.
by The Moody Poet October 26, 2006

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