a person who mutilates their skin by using any type of sharp object. they do this because they are having problems in their life that they don't have any control over.
cutting takes place in all social groups: emo, prep, jock, skater, goth. whatever.
sterotyping cutting into the emo and goth group is wrong.

most people who cut (girls AND boys) are suffering from depression and/or bipolar disorders. cutters who are ashamed hide their mutilations by wearing long sleeves, jeans, etc.
making fun of cutters is not cool (hence, bad examle below), and making fun of them makes them want to cut even more. and this cycle continues.

cutting does releive the pain, but it is not healthy to continue, of course. a person who does cut should see a professional to help stop the additction.
(note: i didn't write this. i found it and it made me mad.)
stupid emo kids who try to get attention.
they say its an addiction or a way to "release emotional distress" but we all know that bullshit. its just a bunch of whiney idiots who have yet to discover sex or drugs.

xBLACKENDxSOULx: im so depressed, i slit my wrist last night
A_Relatively_Intelligent_ Person: fucking cutter...

(note: this is from my own experience.)
i am a cutter. i do it when i feel alone and like i have nobody in the world who can be there for me. there are three people who know, and two of them have tried to get me to stop. the one who hasn't is my best friend, and she was told by my other best friend, who is a guy and cuts too.
i cut because my family is very unsupportive of my education. because i don't have many friends. it is very addicting and it does releive emotional stress. cutting is like drugs, but it doesn't give you cancer. it does, however, mess with your head to make you keep cutting.

i am depressed and possibly have a bipolar disorder. i wear long sleeves all the time. those who read this should not take me for a hypocrite, because i know that cutting is wrong and i have tried to stop, but it's just so hard not to when i'm having a breakdown.

(the person who wrote the bad example is a RETARD and should go fuck up something else.)
by allysonOrene February 07, 2008
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One who cuts themselves to releive themselves from an emotional pain.

Cutting is not something one advertises, and when someone does cut they are generally ashamed and hide it as well as they can.

Can be done with any sharp object, such as, but not limited to, knives, razors, broken glass, broken cd's, scissors, and safety pins.
SomeGirl: OMG, I adore Emily, she is *sooo* sweet!!!
AnotherGirl: Yea...I spied on her in the shower and she had slashes all over her thighs... she so cuts herself...
by Sally the Ragdoll February 26, 2005
An often, but not always, derogatory term for someone who practices self-injury (also known as self-harm and self-mutilation) by scratching or cutting his or her skin with a sharp object.

It is usually a symptom of mental illness.

The vast majority of self-injurers hurt themselves out of negative emotions, including, but not limited to, anger, self-hatred, depression, or numbness; they also try to hide the cuts with clothing, jewelry, or make-up. Some misled persons cut themselves for attention, or to make themselves look cool, which warrants pity, not scorn. Some fit into both categories. Cutters who do not hide their injuries do not necessarily fit into the latter group; they have often given up trying to hide it, or regard it as something that should not be hidden, either because it is a valid "lifestyle choice" or because they are not ashamed of their pain, even though they want to stop.

Cutting and other forms of self-injury, such as burning, eating disorders*, banging, and hair-pulling, can be a coping mechanism for many. It is NOT a suicide attempt, and some suicidal people hurt themselves so that they can cope with their emotions and _avoid_ suicide.

Cutters can not be categorized by age, gender, appearance, or clique. Some self-injurers have been doing it as long as they can remember, i.e. as toddlers, and there are cutters who are in their thirties and probably older. They are male and female. They are preps, nerds, skaters, goths, punks, and any other label you can think of. They are parents, small children, and yes, teenagers.

*This is not to say that all people with eating disorders should be regarded as self-injurers, only that there is some overlap between the two groups.
Previous urban dictionary contributor: Cutters are also easily recognized by their poorly dyed hair, or oversized JNCO style jeans. Most basically, cutters are the urban and suburban equivalent of rural white trash, in that they invariably come from families with low education and or income.
Me: You don't know what you're talking about.
by Sabbrielle July 31, 2005
I'm totally shocked by the number of people who find it neccessary to critisize and make fun of cutters. Cutting is a seriuos issue and is no more worty of being made fun of than any other illnesses (down syndrome, diabetes, mental retardation). Cutting is often a sign of bigger issues that need immediate attention, such as depression, anxiety, dissociative disorders, ect. The strange thing about human psychology is that there are no set rules. Everyone is different and expresses themselves in their own way. You don't have to have the worste past in the world to be depressed. Depression is a chemical disorder in your brain that can be passed down geneticly. Just because your parents are rich or not divorced doesn't mean that you cannot have depression. In my experiances depression is triggered by life events that overwhelm the affected person. A death in the family may not bother some as much as it does others. There is no chart to say how sad you should be for each of lifes events, and no way of avoiding your genetic past. Also, the sterotype of mostly girls commiting SI is obsurd. Males are just as likely to SI as females. Maybe they dont seek help like females or do it in different ways (punching walls, knowingly doing dangerous things, ect.).

Athough I will admit that in the large numbers of people in the world it has to be true that some peope cut just for attention. These people can usually be uncovered by listening to them talk. Most cutters tell only the people closest to them (spouse, close friend ect.). Attention seekers would have to let almost everyone they know about thier actions in order to recieve the attention desired. Althought I'm sure there are people who are just tired of hiding thier actions, and decide that they don't care who finds out and judges them, but that doesn't mean they will advertise their affliction. It would become increasing difficult to hide the longer you cut since you will eventually run out of space on your commonly covered skin.
I had the perfect childhood, parents were supportive and married, but am still somehow unexplainably sad, bitter and my glass is half empty. Being a cutter helps releive my stress and anger.
My mom left when I was 3 and my dad beat me, but I adapted and overcame those obsitcles and am now a stronger person. I would never imagine harming myself.

by slyh20 April 02, 2006
Cutters are people who believe either they need to release pain through cutting themselves or cut themselves to try and feel something.
Some cutters have little slits up and down there are arms and try to cover it up.
by MaryOfNazareth September 05, 2004
Hey all you fucktards out there! Seriously, cutting is a big thing if its for real. A cutter is someone who is going through too too much and has no way to deal with it, so they take it into their own hands. Or they've done so much and been through so much that they've numbed themselves to the pain. They feel dead. They're like walking shells of people, and they cut to see the blood and feel the pain that means they are ALIVE. Trust me...was one for a few years. Not the best way to cope, but some have no choice.

Heres your bloody definition
Cutter - someone who cuts themselves to relieve emotional pain.
When my aunt died 4/17/05 and I was coerced into sex with a boy who was 16 and I was 13. When huffing no longer took the pain away, nor did drinking, I started cutting and became anorexic. I was a cutter.
by BlackxHeartxAngel January 19, 2006
Cutting is when someone commits self injury on themselves because it is the only way they know how to cope with what ever it is that they are going through. Some people say that emo's are the ones who cut, but the truth is that 1. emo is a music genre, and 2. even if they did, they would only do it for attention. Where as most cutters try to hide what they do from other people or cover it up. Some people think it is a fad, but it is a serious problem in today's youth, especially in girls (although guys do it too).

PS. sorry about any spelling errors.
Dealing with stress or trauma by becomming cutters. A cutter cuts their arms, legs, stomach, or other parts of their body enough to bleed, and usually leave a mark. Then hides it after releaving the stress.
by TrophieKing February 21, 2006
Cutters are people who have a serious prblem.They do it whenever they can't handle the pain, that they are feeling, anymore.Like a boyfriend or a girlfriend who left them and that they cared for.So they cut themselves and to them it relieves the pain.
If you know some one that is a cutter talk to them about it and try to help THEM get help.
by Anonymus May 05, 2004
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