Slang term, sometimes degrading, for someone who voluntarily mutilates themselves through slicing, scratching, burning, slapping, biting, etc, because of extreme emotional distress.
Usually they have a mental illness, such as depression or anxiety.
They do NOT want attention or pity. It is a way to vent. It is impossible to fully understand until you start it yourself. There are people of all ages and all cliques and all of everything that injure themselves. It has nothing to do with being "emo" or "goth." It has nothing to do with trying to look "depressed" and it has nothing to do with attention.
Self-injury is addicting. Self-injury is a mode of relief. It's been proven people suffering from mental illnesses are less likely to commit suicide if they injure themselves.
Self-injury is a serious issue that should be delt with seriously. If you can't respect someone just because they injure themselves, you just need to pull your head out of your ass. Please, please, please be understanding and compassionate. It's a sensitive thing. If someone tells you they injure themselves PLEASE be very understanding and there for them. Don't demand them to stop, don't tell them they're stupid, don't ignore them or ditch them, that will make everything worse.
I have been scratching myself for as long as I can remember. I have social anxiety disorder/avoidant personality and clinical depression. I can't look people in the eye. I go mute when someone waves and says hello. I can't stand crowds. When I'm around people my mind goes blank or it rushes with scarring thoughts. I feel nauseous. Dizzy. Lightheaded. I tremble. I cry. I feel cold and hot and virtigo and everything seems so loud and bright and I scream in my head for it all to stop. I feel like I'm dying and going insane at the same time, slowly and painfully. I get panic attacks. There is no way I can stand this. I scratch at my face, my uglyugly acne on my forehead and back. And then I scratch my theighs. There is no route for help, and I've searched. There is no one I can talk to who would understand. I dissect everything I do, no matter how silly it is, I can't let anything go. And I hate myself. I hate my anxiety. And the hard part is, is that it is a personality disorder. It's part of who I AM. I don't just have social anxiety, I AM social anxiety. It hurts. It won't stop or go away. The part of me that can't be changed. I've always been like this. When I was two I refused to talk for two years. In kindergarten I was so unused to social situations, I cried over anything and everything, it scarred me for life. I couldn't help it. I was pathetic. I still am. So I injured myself long before I even knew it was all abnormal. And when I did know it was too late, I was too addicted, I...I'm not really a cutter, but I do injure myself.
by screenaging September 13, 2007
A depressed teen looking for attention by cutting themselves.

Usually listens to emo (music for the uncreative) and dresses in black to show that she can go to Hot Topic.

Your pain isn't going to go away by cutting your wrists. What all you cutters need to do is hang yourself. That would save you from pain and us from your whining.
Jessica is a cutter because she loves drama and the attention she gets. Also she's stupid.
by DrewK June 15, 2005
Generally a freshman or sophomore girl in high school who dresses in all black and claims that they're "gothic", even if they've never heard of any gothic bands such as Bauhaus, Clan Of Xymox, etc. They tend to think that bands such as Marilyn Manson and Slipknot are goth. They cut themselves for attention, and they usually cut on the wrong side of their arm to make it more noticable. Generally wear T-shirts so you can see the scars, but cover them up when they get home.
1. Stupid Freshman: "Oh my god, Jackie cut herself again because her boyfriend didn't call her back last night!"

Mature Junior: "Who cares?"

2. Jackie smiled as she cut herself one night and said, "Haha, now my boyfriend will HAVE to love me!"
by Morbidia May 28, 2005
one who is incredibly horrible at the sport of football, and or any other contact sport

cutters are often very gifted musicians, artists, mathematicians, scientists, and anything else but an athlete

there is a 75.36% chance that they will be russian and or jewish

to sum up the definition, one who lives in the town of fair lawn and or attends fair lawn high school

please keep in mind that our colors are red and grey as to symbolize our passion for being a true cutter
The other day our football team lost, as usual, as to continue the cutter tradition.
by yearbook girls March 21, 2006
a.k.a. the cuts - out of nowhere; the backroads
Whoa dude, you came outta the cutters!
by h-izzle July 04, 2005
A person, usually a underachieving, whiny, teenage girl, who uses a sharp object to cut herself with. Not to kill herself, but only to make marks on herself for attention and/or so that other people will feel sorry for her lame ass. If she was really serious about releasing the pain, she should just walk into the path of an oncoming Greyhound Bus.
That manipulative loser says she's a cutter.

Daddy, can I have a horse? No? Well then I'm going to cut myself so that everyone thinks I'm a cutter.

Sally wore a bunch of bracelets on her wrists so that everyone would think that she was hiding scars from being a cutter.
by Cutters_are_Under-achievers May 31, 2005
cut'ter n. A Lesbian. Not derogatory.
"Cutters" is slang for "diagonal cutting pliers" which are also referred to as "diags" and "dikes". The connection was natural and induced upon bobc and myself by many, many SNPA's.

Let's run over to Santa Cruz and watch the cutters.
by Uncle wienie January 12, 2006
Punitive Liberals. Always blaming the U.S. first. It is their secular penance. Driven by liberal guilt and seeking atonement for the sin of being human with no other avenue to release the pain. Cuttercrat Party is the Democrat Party.
The liberal and Cuttercrat Party's hysterical, self defeating, moral equivalence inspired response to Abu Ghraib is an expression of their attempt to achieve secular penance through a political self cutting. They are the cutters of the political world.
by Swims November 20, 2006

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