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An individual who self-mutilates by laceration, as described in other entries. Although there are exceedingly rare examples of legitimate cutters, a vast majority (Johnson and Williams 2005, et al.) are simply attention seekers who will inflict very minor injury on themselves in imitation of more serious self-mutilation (Ibid.). In recent years, as media coverage and general societal awareness increase, self-mutilation has become more common than in the past, due much in part to "copycat crimes" wherein people imitate the mutilatory actions they've observed. Although it can be signs of a serious mental illness, one must take caution before assuming that self-mutilation is in itself a signifier of mental disturbance.
Some mutilators (or cutters) have a serious mental illness; others simply don't.
by Derek JM April 05, 2007
a person who mutilates their skin by using any type of sharp object. they do this because they are having problems in their life that they don't have any control over.
cutting takes place in all social groups: emo, prep, jock, skater, goth. whatever.
sterotyping cutting into the emo and goth group is wrong.

most people who cut (girls AND boys) are suffering from depression and/or bipolar disorders. cutters who are ashamed hide their mutilations by wearing long sleeves, jeans, etc.
making fun of cutters is not cool (hence, bad examle below), and making fun of them makes them want to cut even more. and this cycle continues.

cutting does releive the pain, but it is not healthy to continue, of course. a person who does cut should see a professional to help stop the additction.
(note: i didn't write this. i found it and it made me mad.)
stupid emo kids who try to get attention.
they say its an addiction or a way to "release emotional distress" but we all know that bullshit. its just a bunch of whiney idiots who have yet to discover sex or drugs.

xBLACKENDxSOULx: im so depressed, i slit my wrist last night
A_Relatively_Intelligent_ Person: fucking cutter...

(note: this is from my own experience.)
i am a cutter. i do it when i feel alone and like i have nobody in the world who can be there for me. there are three people who know, and two of them have tried to get me to stop. the one who hasn't is my best friend, and she was told by my other best friend, who is a guy and cuts too.
i cut because my family is very unsupportive of my education. because i don't have many friends. it is very addicting and it does releive emotional stress. cutting is like drugs, but it doesn't give you cancer. it does, however, mess with your head to make you keep cutting.

i am depressed and possibly have a bipolar disorder. i wear long sleeves all the time. those who read this should not take me for a hypocrite, because i know that cutting is wrong and i have tried to stop, but it's just so hard not to when i'm having a breakdown.

(the person who wrote the bad example is a RETARD and should go fuck up something else.)
by allysonOrene February 06, 2008
Apparently, according to the sterotype a cutter is someone who cuts, is emo, listens to emo music, apparently dresses emo and dresses all in black.

Actual definition, someone who self inflicts injury on their body by way of cutting, burning. These people typically need some form of psychological help and are usually stereotyped and made to feel even worse. Cutting is a cry for help for some and a way of felling for others. A cutter typically hides their habit and can be spotted through many signs. They can be quiet, they usually wear long sleeved or long legged clothing to cover the scars,even if its 104 degress outside. If you or someone you know is cutting,please seek help!
My prom dated assualted me in bed. A guy at a party sexully assaulted me. One of the guys I knew from work made me jerk him off, and a guy from school molested me while watching a movie. I am constantly in the state of feeling worthless because I have been led to believe that by others. I hate my body and my actions. I am a cutter, I cut.
for some reason, self-injury has become associated with "emo's", which makes no sence at all as emo is quite a new thing, but people have been cutting for way longer than the trend has been about.
cutting is often a sighn of deeper mental problems. some people cut for attention, and people tend to look down on these people, but in my opinion, if they are realy willing to cut themselves to get attention, then i think they deserve it, but people who cut themselves to try and fit in with the "emo" trend just annoy me.
people who dont cut for attention try to cover it up as best they can, which if really dificult, especialy in summer. cutting helps relieve emotional pain, many cutters cannot explain why they cut, but it just...makes them feel beter.
NOT ALL CUTTERS WANT TO DIE. and that may be hard for you to understand, but it is true.
yes, i am a cutter. but i walk around in jeans, a t-shirt and a hoody. no one knows except one or two of my freinds, they dont talk about it. so dont even think about saying that all cutters cut for attention.
by s9uit December 23, 2007
a cutter is someone who cuts themselves usually, but not limited to, on their inner forearms, thighs, shoulders, stomachs, etc. some people cut themselves to get attention from others, this is NOT IN ANY WAY A GOOD IDEA, and it makes people think that cutting is just a cry for attention. most cutters hide their scars, but not all do. they may wear long sleeves, pants, bracelets, etc. just because someone does not hide their scars, does not mean they are an attention cutter. it just means they are tired of hiding, or not ashamed of what they do. DO NOT stereotype cutters as "emos" or "goths". it hurts to be called that, i know from experience.
last ignorant person to define "cutter": A cutter is an individual usually a teenager, who uses the repeated slices of their skin with sharp objects as a supposed release from their inner anguish. In truth, these individuals are simply too stupid to know they could just as easily get mental care from a licensed pyschiatrist instead of permanently scarring themselves and adding to their self loath and low self esteem. If you know a cutter, do the right thing, tell a responsible caregiver who can help them, the scars that a cutter leaves upon themselves are simply cries for help.

by Brookie Iksoham July 10, 2008
Someone taking control of their pain, stress, depression or anger by making it physical. Someone who probably doesn't need any more ridicule at this point in their life. Before the modern world it was accepted and highly revered in the form of self-flogging and cutting. Self-injury was a way to outwardly show someone that you've sinned and you're repenting. Whole religions were founded on it. Most cutters are deeply emotional people with very large loving hearts, and when they feel like they've done something to harm themselves or someone they care about emotionally they feel deeply guilty whether they realize in that moment or not. Cutting is an act of repentance by someone who loves completely and can't understand why everyone else doesn't. Cutters have clarity. And when they personally figure out that everyone makes mistakes or that it isn't their fault that life is this way they will gain the knowledge of life and be able to touch everyone they ever meet. Cutters have old souls in a young world.
Sally used to be a cutter, but now she spends her life helping young women with no place else to go.
by Julia Bogart March 27, 2008
the jerk who jumps to the front of the line while everybody waits. they have many tactics, including the infamous "walk up and talk to a friend, then suddenly become part of the line". they are despised by many, but confronted by few.
guy 1 (after waiting five minutes) - look at that guy, he's innocently talking to his buddy at the front of the line
guy 2 - he's not talking to his friends, he's taking cuts! he's a cutter!
by boyioughttaslapyou May 25, 2009
british slang for "change"
used in the movie "A Clockwork Orange"
Homeless Person: "can you spare some cutter, me brothers?"
by warezscene May 08, 2009