An individual who self-mutilates by laceration, as described in other entries. Although there are exceedingly rare examples of legitimate cutters, a vast majority (Johnson and Williams 2005, et al.) are simply attention seekers who will inflict very minor injury on themselves in imitation of more serious self-mutilation (Ibid.). In recent years, as media coverage and general societal awareness increase, self-mutilation has become more common than in the past, due much in part to "copycat crimes" wherein people imitate the mutilatory actions they've observed. Although it can be signs of a serious mental illness, one must take caution before assuming that self-mutilation is in itself a signifier of mental disturbance.
Some mutilators (or cutters) have a serious mental illness; others simply don't.
by Derek JM April 05, 2007
Cutter: To be a cutter is a serious thing that needs to be addressed with an intervention and possibly rehab. Most people associate being emo with cutters but that isn't true it can happen to anyone. It releases natural chemicals in your body to make you feel temporarily better. It usually only lasts a day before the person needs to cut again.
this may seem like a stupid thing to do! but i did it for nearly a year. it got so bad as to be an addiction. when i finally had an intervention i decided to quit myself and skip rehab. i'm glad to say i've been clean for nearly a year but quitting was the hardest thing i've ever done. i'd sit in a corner and shake because my body was addapting so poorly. i couldn't function for a week or two and i lost many friends in the process but it was worth it and i think about it often but i never go back because it was such a dark place. i am a recovering cutter and proud to tell my story to kids (even though i an a kid) because i know it helps a lot of people.
by Katelyn.C February 20, 2007
a person who harms themselves to relieve emotional pein.
i started cutting when i was 13. i unscrewed the blade from my pearer and swiped it across my wrists i am a goth so i guess i fit that stereotype. i dont do it any more but am left with physicall and emotional scars. if u cut or a friend does tell someone. do not scorn cutters do not laugh at them it hurts.
by i like the pain July 10, 2006
people who cut themselves for, mostly, one of two reasons:
1)to feel something at all
2)to realease there inner pain
most of the time it is done on the wrist and is hidden with a wristband, or jacket, long skleeved shirts, etc...but can cut anywhere. do not usaully want paople to know. it really does help some people SO DONT JUDGE US
cutters: (thinking)i have cut myself and it turns my emotional pain into physical pain.

cutter:serriouly? shut the fuck up. and even i was emo, why the fuck does it matter.
by i dnt care December 09, 2009
Slang term, sometimes degrading, for someone who voluntarily mutilates themselves through slicing, scratching, burning, slapping, biting, etc, because of extreme emotional distress.
Usually they have a mental illness, such as depression or anxiety.
They do NOT want attention or pity. It is a way to vent. It is impossible to fully understand until you start it yourself. There are people of all ages and all cliques and all of everything that injure themselves. It has nothing to do with being "emo" or "goth." It has nothing to do with trying to look "depressed" and it has nothing to do with attention.
Self-injury is addicting. Self-injury is a mode of relief. It's been proven people suffering from mental illnesses are less likely to commit suicide if they injure themselves.
Self-injury is a serious issue that should be delt with seriously. If you can't respect someone just because they injure themselves, you just need to pull your head out of your ass. Please, please, please be understanding and compassionate. It's a sensitive thing. If someone tells you they injure themselves PLEASE be very understanding and there for them. Don't demand them to stop, don't tell them they're stupid, don't ignore them or ditch them, that will make everything worse.
I have been scratching myself for as long as I can remember. I have social anxiety disorder/avoidant personality and clinical depression. I can't look people in the eye. I go mute when someone waves and says hello. I can't stand crowds. When I'm around people my mind goes blank or it rushes with scarring thoughts. I feel nauseous. Dizzy. Lightheaded. I tremble. I cry. I feel cold and hot and virtigo and everything seems so loud and bright and I scream in my head for it all to stop. I feel like I'm dying and going insane at the same time, slowly and painfully. I get panic attacks. There is no way I can stand this. I scratch at my face, my uglyugly acne on my forehead and back. And then I scratch my theighs. There is no route for help, and I've searched. There is no one I can talk to who would understand. I dissect everything I do, no matter how silly it is, I can't let anything go. And I hate myself. I hate my anxiety. And the hard part is, is that it is a personality disorder. It's part of who I AM. I don't just have social anxiety, I AM social anxiety. It hurts. It won't stop or go away. The part of me that can't be changed. I've always been like this. When I was two I refused to talk for two years. In kindergarten I was so unused to social situations, I cried over anything and everything, it scarred me for life. I couldn't help it. I was pathetic. I still am. So I injured myself long before I even knew it was all abnormal. And when I did know it was too late, I was too addicted, I...I'm not really a cutter, but I do injure myself.
by screenaging September 13, 2007
a person that feels the need to express thier emotions by cutting themselves. the pain and blood releives thier hurt and they feel better. some do it just for attention. dont look down on cutters....... be thier friend. they might need it and u might save thier life.
Girl 1: omg jennifer she has cuts on her arm! what a freak!!
Girl 2: no shes not maybe she needs a friend.

2 months later
Girl 2: so y do u cut?
cutter: because the pain makes me feel better but now that u r my friend i dont need to. u saved my life.
by Rawr_Under_Your_Bed April 24, 2010
Cutting is a way of releasing anger, sadness, or other feelings by inflicting pain on oneself. A cutter usually will slash at their arms, wrists, stomachs, and other body parts in an effort to draw blood. Sometimes, cutters will attack parts of their body they dislike (i cut my face several times). Contrary to common belief, a cutter is not always emo/goth. I used to be a cutter myself until a few months ago, and I am not in any way emo or goth. I listen to rap and play sports all year (emos listen to rock/metal and skate). A cutter will usually try to hide their scars with long sleeved clothing and cover-up, but this is not always effective. Cutters are not always suicidal, this is often a misconception. Sometimes normal people will cut as a result of the death of a friend or a breakup, but this is uncommon.
If you know any cutters, try to talk to them about how they feel, you could save a life.
by i a n g July 14, 2008
a person who mutilates their skin by using any type of sharp object. they do this because they are having problems in their life that they don't have any control over.
cutting takes place in all social groups: emo, prep, jock, skater, goth. whatever.
sterotyping cutting into the emo and goth group is wrong.

most people who cut (girls AND boys) are suffering from depression and/or bipolar disorders. cutters who are ashamed hide their mutilations by wearing long sleeves, jeans, etc.
making fun of cutters is not cool (hence, bad examle below), and making fun of them makes them want to cut even more. and this cycle continues.

cutting does releive the pain, but it is not healthy to continue, of course. a person who does cut should see a professional to help stop the additction.
(note: i didn't write this. i found it and it made me mad.)
stupid emo kids who try to get attention.
they say its an addiction or a way to "release emotional distress" but we all know that bullshit. its just a bunch of whiney idiots who have yet to discover sex or drugs.

xBLACKENDxSOULx: im so depressed, i slit my wrist last night
A_Relatively_Intelligent_ Person: fucking cutter...

(note: this is from my own experience.)
i am a cutter. i do it when i feel alone and like i have nobody in the world who can be there for me. there are three people who know, and two of them have tried to get me to stop. the one who hasn't is my best friend, and she was told by my other best friend, who is a guy and cuts too.
i cut because my family is very unsupportive of my education. because i don't have many friends. it is very addicting and it does releive emotional stress. cutting is like drugs, but it doesn't give you cancer. it does, however, mess with your head to make you keep cutting.

i am depressed and possibly have a bipolar disorder. i wear long sleeves all the time. those who read this should not take me for a hypocrite, because i know that cutting is wrong and i have tried to stop, but it's just so hard not to when i'm having a breakdown.

(the person who wrote the bad example is a RETARD and should go fuck up something else.)
by allysonOrene February 07, 2008
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