A girls beauty shown through a cute action in which she expresses.
The small skip she made when approching me was cutieful.
by Josiah MC July 30, 2005
-Somebody that shows beauty through the littlest and :cute: things
Cassie is absolutely Cutieful
by Tynan Collins March 18, 2007
A girl that is so beautiful and cute that those two words alone wouldn't be able to describe her.
She just took my breath away, she's so cutieful!
by Wordforger February 21, 2011
the term existing of two parts of Latin roots "cute" and beautiful" combined to signify someone or something that is neither only one or the other but a hybrid of the meanings. also in some cultures, mainly a small foreign cult which resides in the 5th District of downtown Budapest, Hungary, prefer to use the term when one is in utter awe of someones more miniature qualities. can also pertain to an absolutely tiny creature who spends enormous amounts of time listening (and feeling) to certain musical (and physical) "masterpieces" such as "Austin" by Blake Shelton
I had my eyes locked on a Cutieful Zsebe
by signpainter44 November 29, 2011
Cutieful - is a combination of Cutie and Beautiful, this term is to be used when just one word will not give a complete expression of ones true beauty on the inside as well as the outside.
Man, look at that girls E&%$, she's sooooo, o whats the word i'm looking for, o yeah, Cutieful.
by Nevilicious July 02, 2014
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