a short blond girl that is astonishingly beautiful and has a nice ass.
God Damn Coryn H is such a Cutie Pie!!
by blitz1227 April 20, 2006
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1. Someone you like a lot
2. Someone who is pretty and makes you laugh and pokes you every once in a while
The girl I like is my cutie pie.
by Anonymous May 03, 2003
Someone you consider the cutest/most adorable person in the world.
Ivy, your a cutie pie.

by Jacob G-Man April 01, 2009
this is when someone is so cute you want to contain them in the form of a pie and eat them all up.
gosh...that dude is so cute i want me some cutie pie
by cute 2 July 29, 2008
Someone you think is cute; attractive.
AWWH, she's such a cutie pie.
by ewelizabeth June 01, 2009
The act of being adorable. Mostly girls. Pretty Pretty girl.
Amy Rosas is a Cutiepie for sure.
by Gladiator092493 May 04, 2009
a person who is sweet, cute, and lovable on the inside. Also approaches people in a friendly, and sort of shy manner.
Cutie-pie: "awwe, r u ok sweetie?" (smiles and hugs the person)
by bbyshila August 16, 2007
A very attractive female that exhibits great beauty and sexiness while maintaining cute lovable charm
Ashley is a cutie-pie!
by Kevin April 23, 2004

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