a girl has a cutie a guy has a wootie
hi boyee! umm.. see my cutie would really like to meet your wootie :)
by JynxTheLynx June 04, 2009
1. someone that is cute(hot)

2. a hottay that resides in guilford county and goes by the name of elise ;)

dang! look at that girl, shes a cutie!
by Andrew Henry February 18, 2008
Adjective: Something that has exceptional cute abilities. The capital U creates the meaning.
OMG, that's a cUtie!

That mouse is so not a cUtie.

THose red pieces of gum are such cUties

by Adshilfhskudhfkds January 04, 2008
someone who is extremely ugly or extremely stupid. It is said with a sarcastic tone.
Girl walks in with a green shirt, blue shorts, pink knee highs and black shoes. Your response to this is...
"Cutie, what were you thinking when you got dressed this morning."
by Kecca January 24, 2005
someone who is ugly, or stupid, or does something everyone thinks is lame. This person is called a cutie in a sarcastic tone.
girl walks in and makes funny noises and is dressed in a hideous outfit.....

"eww , what r u doingg cutie?! "
by Lilaaaac March 20, 2006

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