"You are beautiful and special, and I love you, cutie."
by totallynotthedoctormun November 22, 2013
A quarter-pound of marijuana. The term is slang from "QP" (que-pee).
What's good?
Everything man, jus' chillin'.
Got a cutie for me?
Of course, son! All day long!
by D+Man November 19, 2008
A attractive person. A term used when desrcibing a little child that is adorable. A girl. A term tween girls used to describe boys. A brand of miniture oranges.
Wow! She's a cutie.
Awh! That baby is a cutie!!!!
Look at that little cutie.
OMG!!! He is such a CUTIE!!!
I love having a cutie. They taste so good.
by iamawesomeinsomanyways! August 16, 2011
This beautiful amazing person your attracted to❤️❤️❤️❤️
Мαкαуℓα Bryant is a cutie
by Morshed23 August 04, 2014
A slang term used to reference a quarter-pound of marijuana. Often referred to as a "QP".
Chuck: Yo Larry, how much of that stuff was you wanting? An ounce?

Larry: No, go ahead and give me a cutie. I got paid today.
by IWon'tSeeYouTonightpt1 February 02, 2011
A quarter pound of marijuana (4 oz) in reference to another common slang for a quarter pound. QP.
Person 1 - "Hey, got a cutie my dude?"
Person 2 - "Four sure, it's $280 for a QP."
by 420reasonswhy December 19, 2010
A 17 year old girl who lives in New York.
Whom I love very much.

(See: Chung, Stephanie)
Damn, that cute, smart hipster baby is sucha cutie.
by tedesidero June 20, 2010

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