A girl who makes the dreams of a boy come true; she is beautiful, kind, intelligent and shy. She is the envy of everyone around her and is way out of her boyfriends league.
Eloise is so cute, you are so lucky to have her
by JobieW January 01, 2014
When someone's personality shines through their differences
He's so cute
by AnonymousAl October 04, 2014
Someone who says things, and does things that make you feel amazing.
I was talking to Melissa, and what she said made me tingle all over, she always treats me so well. Melissa is cute.
by Shamus1999 September 24, 2012
someone who is really amazing and cute
Anna is way cuter than me going to grad
by sjusg May 31, 2012
the definition of being very cuddable and adorable.
being sooo adorable you want to squish them.
and poke them.
and just put them in your pocket and carry them everywhere with you.
not in the sense of an object, but you just want to show the world the charming beauty of this being.
oh look at that boy there with that lab coat and colorful backpack, hes cute.!
by dino27 August 30, 2011
The person you can't get off your mind
You see that guy, Mackenzie he is so effing cute
by Anonymous egg May 26, 2015
1) someone who makes you smile easily or gives you butterflies when around
2) someone who's personality shines through their looks and everything they do makes you happy.

3) mentally appealing

4) small or baby-faced.
"He's the best thing that's ever happened to me; he's the cutest person i know."

"Your puppy is so cute!"
by AnonymousAl November 02, 2014
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