Someone that is attractive in a really nice way. A way that warms your heart and makes you either want to hug them, or crawl under a pile of blankets because they are so cute.

Me: I'm going to go hide under a pile of blankets now
by YungGhillie February 04, 2014
Cute = Perhapz duh. ;)
Dat Face Amg 2 Cute
Lil' qtpi
by Xilent December 22, 2012
Someone who says things, and does things that make you feel amazing.
I was talking to Melissa, and what she said made me tingle all over, she always treats me so well. Melissa is cute.
by Shamus1999 September 24, 2012
someone who is really amazing and cute
Anna is way cuter than me going to grad
by sjusg May 31, 2012
Something that creates a heartwarming feeling in you and that shoud not be taken as an insult.
-Look! She's so cute!
-I know right? If only she wouldn't get angry if you told it to her!
by VRF73 July 26, 2014
A girl who makes the dreams of a boy come true; she is beautiful, kind, intelligent and shy. She is the envy of everyone around her and is way out of her boyfriends league.
Eloise is so cute, you are so lucky to have her
by JobieW January 01, 2014
A word to encompass the aw factor primarily used to describe tiny furry creatures.

i.e. puppies, kittens, bunnies.

Note: does not apply to Amazons.
You're cute.

No I'm not, I'm an Amazon lady, not a bunny.
by DVi October 04, 2013

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