Boys who are kind and sweet to everyone no matter what they did.
A boy who's a masochist but claims he isn't.
A male who blushes easily.
See, your being cute again.
by Mr.CocoBunny November 14, 2010
easy to adore, and love as made obvious by the things the person says or does and by the way the person looks!
woah, sombra is so cute, shes like the cutest girl in the world
by Valociraptor November 01, 2010
something that isnt just adorable but is also eccentric and artistically unusual
Pio Rodriguez is cute because he draws mystical creatures
by Phenomenal operator April 24, 2010
A better than average look with a non threatening aura.
Person M:wow did you see Vivian?
Person J: yeah! She's mad cute.
by brolicim February 15, 2011
a word describing how cute people are.
well arent you just a bundle of cutes.
by alpha_wolf December 20, 2010
1. somebody who has the perfect smile. you gaze into their eyes and fall in love. has pretty hair. someone you want to cuddle with all day. someone you want around your whole life. someone who makes you smile.
1. omg my girlfriend victoria is so cute!!!
by beasticeskater94 January 13, 2012
1. when a little puppy nibbles at your finger

2. a sweet, kind guy who just may be the one *sigh*

3. a super scandalous outfit
1. aww, Lucky just nipped me!

2. Kyle's so cute, he has the wavy blond hair that no girl can resist

3. Did you see the devil bikini Ari wore? It was so cute, even if it totally showed her body off
by BluStarryNight2000 November 21, 2011

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