someone really sweet and kind and all you can do is smile when you look at them. Their just so great and cute to be around.
he's so cute like a Janyk Theron
by batman's girlfriend April 12, 2011
Just... Cuddly! And sweet! It could be:
1) A puppy/kitty/any other baby animal (human babies included)
2) To a girl, the short, plumpish guy sitting across from you with a nice face and an innocent attitude
3) I have no idea as to what guys consider is cute.

Cute can also be used to describe some random article of clothing/makeup by morons, as in:
1) OMG that skirt is so cuuuuute!
2) OMG that lipstick is so cuuuuuute!
What the heck? I already put the examples for 'cute' in the definition. Now shoo!
by RebeccaCS December 14, 2005
1)Someone who is not exactly hot, but still attractive in a more sweet or innocent sense, and have a good personality.
2)The kind of person you want to just run up to and hug.
3) Something like a puppy or a baby that is just plain adorable.
4) Someone who is attractive based only on appearance.
1) Jonny is so cute! He's such a nice person, I love talking to him.
2) After he told me that, I wanted to just hug him! I was so cute!
3) Omg, my new kitten is so cute! I wanna take her everywhere with me!
4) Nick is so cute when he smiles.
by My name is Nom de Plume July 10, 2008
attractive, esp. in a delicately beautiful way; pleasingly pretty; affectedly or pretty or clever; precious; mentally keen; clever; self-consciously cute mannerisms or appeal; Caroline
a cute kid; a cute little apartment; "Caroline is sooooooooo cute!"
by ae2011 May 12, 2009
What you say when you are adjective deficient and under pressure to deliver an opinion usually on appearance of something or someone.
Clueless salesgirl manning a boutique asked by a customer on how a dress looks on her. After a lot of squeaking, misaligned, rusty creaking in her cranium, she says - "I think it looks cute". Gaining confidence, she repeats it - Yeah, it looks really cute. It really look cute on you.

by Pir August 30, 2004
1) A girl who is adorable inside and out. Different people see "cute" girls in different ways. Some think of cute as a baby sort of cute. some think of it in an attractive way, many think of cute as "in between hot and not". for boys cute usually means "softer" than hot, and warm-hearted.

2) An alluring animal / object that usually makes you giggly.
1) "They're such a cute couple."

2) "What a cute bunny!"
by marshaluv July 28, 2009
1. universal definition Anything that is small and appealing.
"He/She/It is soooooo cute! I want to put them/it in my pocket and keep them/it there forever!"
by wikidmedia July 06, 2007

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