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A female describing a younger male who she would certainly consider for a bit of 'Bedroom Action'.
Oh, he's cute...I'd love to take him down to the woods and make a man out of him.
by Older Woman Minx November 27, 2003
an adorable girl who you can't stop thinking of
taylor clark is so incredibly cute and marge cant get her out of her mind
by marge lincolnstein November 18, 2007
Discribing a girl or boy on their actions, looks and personality. A person's attractiveness, giggles, laughs and kindness matters a lot.
Guys are cute when they smile at you and ruffles his hair.

Girls are cute when they blush and giggle.

Thor Almas is SO cute and adorable.
by msmademoiselle September 13, 2009
A girl that whenever you look at just makes you wanna die from the site of her.
Guy: damn you are cuteeeeeee
chyane: why yes i ammmmmmmmm
by drpepper1923 April 04, 2009
Someone who's adorable and you just can't help but say "Awwwww!"
Josh Tinholt is very cute.
by k..t October 12, 2008
Saying, "she's cute," can either characterize a girl with whom you want to bone or a girl who resembles a puppy. Therefore, one can be cute but unboneable.
She's cute, like my five year old cousin.

Damn, she's cute. I'd tap that.
by John P. Long March 01, 2006
A sexually attractive girl, who's pretty, hot, etc.
Briana Banks is so young and sweet and pretty; She's so cute!
by John Doe January 21, 2004