A person who is either physically good looking or does warm deeds
My amazing girlfriend Brooke is so cute, im the luckiest man alive!
by Jared Nadolski October 13, 2006
A girl who has a rounder face, wavy/curly bouncy hair, a sweet laugh, a light smile, who is lovable and caring, kinda shy, can be a loner at times, and is very nice.
Aww that girl sitting by herself over there is so cute! ^_^
by I hate love and love hate April 13, 2009
Attractive, and fun to be around. Gives one butterflys, and makes one giggle.
Cute is Megan Taylor Paulsen
by Jackw November 17, 2008
to be unbelievably gorgeous and kiss worthy
God Skylar is so cute. I just wanna give her a kiss.
by Stuart G August 16, 2007
1)an attractive person/thing. usually short. between okay looking and hot. innocent looking, adorable or sweet.

2) acting/doing something innocent, adorable or sweet.
the kitten is so cute.
alex schriber is really cute.

its cute when he ruffles his hair.
by <Le One3 November 11, 2005
The word cute is an adjective used to describe a person. The following definition pretains mostly to the physical aspect of 'cuteness'. The word cute has different connoatians depending upon who uses it, for example:

USE BY MALES: a female possessing symmetrical features, often very youthful in appearance, inducing a need within the guy to want to cuddle/protect said gal. Not better or worse than the adjectives hot, or beautiful, simply different in meaning and one of many possible ways to describe a femme. Cuties generally have a wholesome "girl next door" look to them.

USE BY FEMALES: There are ONLY two types of guys--ugly, and cute.
Cute = tall guy with herpes
Collin Farrel: So if you're free this weekend I was wondering if you'd like t-
Fat Girl: EWWWW Date you? Now way you're ugly! What are you 5'8? 5'7? 4'5??? Now there's a REAL man! He's sooo cute!
Collin Farrel: Um, that's Brian Peppers on stilts.
Fat Girl: Nuh-uh! Shut the fuck up!
Brian Peppers: l0L rape
by Crayon Shin Chan September 22, 2008
1. attractive, esp. in a dainty way; pleasingly pretty
Sabrina is the cutest of all cuties that could possibly be cute and nobody could ever be cuter!
by Apocalypseo October 30, 2006

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