1. Someone attractive or beautiful, and sometimes a little shy.
2. Used between girls to describe something you like.
3. Something very pretty.
4. Used to describe an action, like little kids doing something.
5. Used to decribe an animal.
6. When used sarcastically, means "bad".
1. That guy in the hallway was so cute!
2. Oh my God! Your outfit is so cute!
3. Isn't that purse cute?
4. It's so cute when the baby smiles.
5. My puppy is so cute!
6. Well, that was cute. That guy just ran a red light!
by AllTheNamesAreTaken! March 03, 2006
a boy or girl either who has a perfect smile or is very attractive both looks and personality. it could also mean that someone is cute when they're lonley
Sophie: look at him sitting there on his own.
Gem: i know he's so small and cute...i wonder what he's thinking...
by gem October 23, 2004
1. Adorable, used for small children or animals.

2. Attractive in some way, usually being pretty/handsome and often shy.

3. An insult, looking down on someone in some way.
1. "Look at the cute little puppy!"

2. "That girl who always acts so girly is so cute!"

3. "Haha, looks like someone can't lift 20 pounds! How cute!"
by G-to-the-Reg May 14, 2005
a delicate and attractive kind of beauty commonly associated with youth, innocence, and helplessness. Human infants and many baby animals define "cuteness" for most people, and the standard characteristics of infancy are typically used to judge the cuteness of other phenomena
Ivy is as cute as a button.
by Jimlo March 14, 2006
Well if you're talking about a guy, it means that they are adorable. They look like they'd be good to cuddle with like a stuffed animal kind of. And have a cute face and features not exactly intense like a hot person. They're usually innocent looking sweet and again adorable.
And it definitely does not mean that you're not good enough to be hot like all the other definitions say. That's bullshit.
Awww that boy was sooooo cute. :3
by cooooolgurlllfersuureeeeszzzz August 28, 2008
More than just a pretty face, a person who also is beautiful inside and makes others feel good by her acts, words or simple presence. Often refers to a beautifull smile, eyes or other attractive features.
Jenn is perceived as cute by many including the strapping young lad named David.
by Jennifer Hogan April 07, 2008
amazingly beautiful in personality and looks.
Alexandra is the definition of cute.
like duhhhhhhhhhhhh.
by curtdoggg March 20, 2007

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