1} male - used to refer to a woman who isn't exactly hot, but who he would screw anyway.

2) female - used to refer to a guy who she wouldn't even consider sexually but wishes to keep around to buy drinks, listen to whining, etc.
1) "Hey, dude, that chick over there's giving you the eye."

"Yeah, she's kinda cute..."

2) "Hey, here's your drink, and I was thinking, you know you could let me do your homework if you want to go out tomorrow. Do you want a ride back to yours?"

"Oh, thanks, you're so cute!"
by Efli May 22, 2004
What a girl calls a fat ass faggot but doesn't want to offend him .
He;s cute , but what a gay bastard .
by John Cock April 10, 2004
someone who is acting like a bitch but somehow thinks that his/her actions will be accepted as their looks/sexiness/personality will compensate for their lack of caring.
you are standing in line waiting for a cashier and an over-made up 'heffa' (pls refer to definition) steps in front of you like she doesn't see you.

You bring this fact to her attention and she looks at YOU like YOU'RE the one being ridiculous.

response "this bitch must think she's cute"
synonmous with pathetic: remember, if you're not pathetic, you probably aren't cute either. if you're cute, well, but happy that you're cute.
girl(talking about guy2):Aww.. he's so cute!
guy1: I wish I were cute, but you know, I've got a spine.
guy2: ^_______________^
by mouse May 15, 2005
A tactful adjective to describe someone who don't look beautiful or handsome
"Oh Sophie, you are as cute as I thought." said Davey during his first date with Sophie
by Mokonamon May 11, 2005
look yea, all you other definitions are wrong, it's where a girl thinks a guy is alright... but wouldnt actually suck them off or anything... aka the most annoying thing in the world.
'hey i heard that greg wants to get on you sally'
'oh really, hes cute, but no, i wouldnt suck him off'
by Davey and Willy April 01, 2005
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