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adjective used by males to describe a member of the opposite sex that is not hot enough to fuck sober and not ugly enough to ridicule.

Often used as response to the question "I think I'm ugly. What do you think?", so that the male can make the attention-whore happy enough to keep alive his chances of nailing her as a last resort.
I wanted to tell the girl that she was an ugly scag, but I haven't been laid in so long, I told her she was cute.
by Ingrid Bertlebee August 22, 2003
ugly, but interesting
that thing is so cute!
by monique March 29, 2004
Cute is someone who is ugly but loveable, someone you would go out with for a coffee but you would not f...
People who can be referred as cute are:

Steven B......
Philip S.... H....
Felicity ....
by d...... November 17, 2006
Ugly, yet interesting
by Anon September 25, 2003
Ugly, but interesting.
Gawd is he CUTE! "barf"
by erin May 05, 2003
Cute: Ugly but interesting.

That guys cute, not hot, but cute.
by Rez-erection. October 13, 2006
For someone to be cute, that would imply that that person is ugly, but f***able. That person is not 'hot' or attractive, but is acceptable.
Two guys, one asks the other one : "Do you think Jane is hot?"
Second guy: "Nah, I think she's cute"
First guy: "So you would't date her"
Second guy: "No way, I only want to wake up once with her next to me."
by Dislexic_Bergie May 30, 2006