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synonmous with pathetic: remember, if you're not pathetic, you probably aren't cute either. if you're cute, well, but happy that you're cute.
girl(talking about guy2):Aww.. he's so cute!
guy1: I wish I were cute, but you know, I've got a spine.
guy2: ^_______________^
by mouse May 15, 2005
look yea, all you other definitions are wrong, it's where a girl thinks a guy is alright... but wouldnt actually suck them off or anything... aka the most annoying thing in the world.
'hey i heard that greg wants to get on you sally'
'oh really, hes cute, but no, i wouldnt suck him off'
by Davey and Willy April 01, 2005
A tactful adjective to describe someone who don't look beautiful or handsome
"Oh Sophie, you are as cute as I thought." said Davey during his first date with Sophie
by Mokonamon May 11, 2005
Ugly, But still interested.
"They're not bad, cute I guess" "I'd do him, he's cute!"
by VixxVapoGirl May 08, 2008
A person who is physically attractive, however they have at least one flaw in their physical appearance preventing them from landing them in the 'hot' category.
That girl over there with the huge nose is freakin cute!
by Drbones January 18, 2006
a word that is said to people, but it doesen't actually mean what it meant to, it's also a patronising way of telling you you're ugly.
Auntie: awwww, aren't you cute
You: erm...yeah
by udder January 11, 2006
for guys, the last thing any self respecting guy wants to be called

for girls, what you are called if the guy's not interested
oh man, that guy's so cute.

translation: ill be his friend, but that's about it.

she's cute

translation: she's not ugly, but ill never fuck her.
by bc438 May 13, 2005