Ugly but adorable
Girl 1: "Aww.. Your newborn baby is really cute!"
Girl 2: "Look ma baby ain't fugly fat ass!"
Girl 1: "I didn't said she's ugly, I said she's cute!"
Girl 2: "That's it! Outta ma house you fucking whore!"
#ugly #adorable #fugly #ass #whore
by Twilight_Luverz95x June 14, 2009
Anthony Gallo
wow, that kid is ALMOST as cute as anthony gallo.
#adorable #attractive #manly #cutie pie #dating material
by ally anonymous July 28, 2008
A patronising and derogatory way of decribing a fat girl, when there are no other nice superlatives available.
Guy 1.

'Wow...Look at her, shes eaten too many pies!'

Guy 2.

'Oh, come on..leave off, shes....cute? :s'
#cute #cuter #cutest #cutie #cutish
by Neil Booth January 21, 2008
this originally meant someone who is " unattractive but interesting". It has been adapted to a description of something adorable and usually heart-warming.
"that insect is cute" bad example, but i dont want to offend anyone

new definition
" that girl is really cute"
#pretty #nice #beautiful #ugly #interesting
by c h r i s July 02, 2006
What They call a Bull in an auction who is one hell of a stud.
1000 for this cute bull, to add to your herd, or, Use this cute bull as a stud.
by erin May 05, 2003
Elton John, an affectionate bitch
"elton john is cute"
"we know jesus, we know."
by jesus April 25, 2003
1} male - used to refer to a woman who isn't exactly hot, but who he would screw anyway.

2) female - used to refer to a guy who she wouldn't even consider sexually but wishes to keep around to buy drinks, listen to whining, etc.
1) "Hey, dude, that chick over there's giving you the eye."

"Yeah, she's kinda cute..."

2) "Hey, here's your drink, and I was thinking, you know you could let me do your homework if you want to go out tomorrow. Do you want a ride back to yours?"

"Oh, thanks, you're so cute!"
by Efli May 22, 2004
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