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this originally meant someone who is " unattractive but interesting". It has been adapted to a description of something adorable and usually heart-warming.
"that insect is cute" bad example, but i dont want to offend anyone

new definition
" that girl is really cute"
by c h r i s July 02, 2006
41 70
The true two definitions of this word. When one refers to a girl as cute they are not refering to the girl as being nice but not uber hot. A girl that is cute is a girl with say a nice face but not the hotess body(no not fat but just regular) or a regular face and a good body.

Another example of a person using the word cute is an older girl refering to a younger boy . For example when a 16-17 year old girl refers to a 12 or 13 year old boy as cute there probably refering to how nice they are to them compared to how boys her age act towards her. Rarely it could mean that he is so cute that I want to make a man out of him or he is cute in the sense he is so likeable.
1.)Wow that girl is cute and nice , I should ask her out.

2.)Your so cute and nice to me Ryan . Tommy your so cute , lets go out behind the woods . Oh Zack your so cute , I can't believe I like a boy 4 years younger than me.
by russia_almighty June 20, 2006
42 71
a way of saying some1 is a slag/slut but not in a way people hate
person1: mann that girl is cute
person2: u maen shes a slag
person1: ye
by DJ SPYKERZ(SCOUSED OUT) September 24, 2009
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Anthony Gallo
wow, that kid is ALMOST as cute as anthony gallo.
by ally anonymous July 28, 2008
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A patronising and derogatory way of decribing a fat girl, when there are no other nice superlatives available.
Guy 1.

'Wow...Look at her, shes eaten too many pies!'

Guy 2.

'Oh, come on..leave off, shes....cute? :s'
by Neil Booth January 21, 2008
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What They call a Bull in an auction who is one hell of a stud.
1000 for this cute bull, to add to your herd, or, Use this cute bull as a stud.
by erin May 05, 2003
3 33
Elton John, an affectionate bitch
"elton john is cute"
"we know jesus, we know."
by jesus April 25, 2003
13 52