Cute = Sarah's who are angry, asian and awesome :)
Cute Sarah
by 0009 September 02, 2010
Paulina a girl on stickam who is so adorable that you just wanna make sweet love to her.
stickamuser: oh look at that cute azn gurlll paulina!!
by wildcat1337 August 17, 2008
While traditionally meaning all of the other meanings listed, this term has been adopted into skater slang.
"Cute" can mean a variety of things:
Small, weak, "not/less difficult", unimpressive, and more. All used in a certain context, usualy (sometimes but not always) directed at a successful trick that was unappealing or sketchy and deserving of ridicule.
The word is very versatile though and can be used in many other contexts.
Skater #1: "that was a cute little kick-flip"
Skater #2: "What? it was good"
Skater #1: "Oh nothing, it was really cute dude." (note the sarcasm)

"that's a cute lil 3 step"
((#) step)
by SomeSk8rGuy October 24, 2004
A term girl's often use when describing guys that do things that seem nice or sweet in an innocent way. It's made to sound like a " nice, attractive funny" cute, but it's really a "cute like your boyfriend's retarded 8 year old brother". Guys defined as "cute" are supposed to be "prude, innocent, and naive in the ways of anything sexual.
Aww you're so cute! You remind me of my boyfriend's 8 year old brother, who is also retarded!
by Lord Fredinsburg October 24, 2009
Beyonce no arguments hands down.
You can't compare that semi-cute girl to a Beyonce-like model.
by HiyaMesaPPpants December 03, 2008
Meggie Houston
"Oh man, have you seen Meggie? Isn't she cute?"
by joejoe the hoehoe November 17, 2008
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