Cutes is the name you give to a person (or a group of people) that bother you in various ways. They could be immature, idiots, prude, annoying, ect.

Not to be confused with adorable or lovable, cutes are the bane of the human race. It is advised you stay away from them, because if you dont they will drive you to insanity.

Cutes applies to both genders.
Person 1: Dear god, the drama kids wont stop singing in the halls.
Person 2: I know, they are all cutes.
by Cutes are cutes April 01, 2013
For Everything You Say, You Add In Saying Cute.
Teacher: "The Civil War Tok Place In The 1800's."

Student: "Thats Cute!"
by Cute Eggplant July 15, 2012
Adj: The word used to describe small children, baby animals, and adorable or coy acts.

NOT Something you call a girl to compliment her looks, use the word pretty in place of Cute when doing that.
Girl: Awah That puppy is soooo cuuute!!

Mom: Our son is just so cute when he plays make-believe!

Boyfriend: That was very cute of you, what you just did
by IrishxKiss July 29, 2011
matthew <33
whats cute.... matthew
by histalker May 22, 2011
sombody who makes you smile when you see them or they talk like a doria
a girl whos not hot or sexy but cute(goll)
by dcxc2010 October 24, 2010
Dainty, pretty, or otherwise effeminate.
"Isn't he so cute?"
"Shut the fuck up, bitch."
by dude February 18, 2003
Anyone who rejects others who title them as such.
Christine is so cute.
by Resir Krad June 16, 2010

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