Means ugly but interesting to look at
"Your baby is sooo cute"
by courtney1985 May 25, 2015
An attractive individual
Chrissy is so cute.
by Lol ttyl March 14, 2015
A word that bitches (aka females) use uncontrollably and they don't know when to stop. Basically everything on the face of the earth has been labeled "cute" at some point. Use another word for Pete's sake!
Omg that dress is soooooooooooo cute! Also I'm a bitch.
by The worlds leader February 09, 2014
Dogs with the three legs or Tweens with leftover baby fat and low self esteem.
Adult: you're so cute!! Just want to pinch your cheeks.

13 year old: I'm in my awkward stage! Get off me!
by Hardcore UD August 03, 2013
The opposite of serious.
That person is so cute, the way the joke around all the time.
by AlbertC March 31, 2011
A word used to describe someone in the friendzone.
Like you're ugly and they don't want to date you're cute
J- Hey do you want to go to Homecoming with me Samantha ?
S- Aw you're really cute Jim but I can't sorry.
by thickbitch September 16, 2014
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