A word to encompass the aw factor primarily used to describe tiny furry creatures.

i.e. puppies, kittens, bunnies.

Note: does not apply to Amazons.
You're cute.

No I'm not, I'm an Amazon lady, not a bunny.
by DVi October 04, 2013
Cute = Perhapz duh. ;)
Dat Face Amg 2 Cute
Lil' qtpi
by Xilent December 22, 2012
Being highly attractive in a sweet type of sense.
Sean Rexford is cute and so are puppies.
by Ayye February 29, 2012
Very atttactile person, adorable, and beautiful.
Hey look, Payton is so cute
by benzloverme January 04, 2015
Something that creates a heartwarming feeling in you and that shoud not be taken as an insult.
-Look! She's so cute!
-I know right? If only she wouldn't get angry if you told it to her!
by VRF73 July 26, 2014
Pet name for a significant other who you find extremely cute
"Did you like that show I introduced you to?"
"Awww, cutes, it was sooo good!"
"Thanks, cutes"
"No problem, crazy cutes."
by carpentercutez April 16, 2013
Adorable, loving, Cal Sawyer, snuggly
The little of puppies were so cute.
by megatron August 16, 2015

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