Pet name for a significant other who you find extremely cute
"Did you like that show I introduced you to?"
"Awww, cutes, it was sooo good!"
"Thanks, cutes"
"No problem, crazy cutes."
by carpentercutez April 16, 2013
Being highly attractive in a sweet type of sense.
Sean Rexford is cute and so are puppies.
by Ayye February 29, 2012
the definition of being very cuddable and adorable.
being sooo adorable you want to squish them.
and poke them.
and just put them in your pocket and carry them everywhere with you.
not in the sense of an object, but you just want to show the world the charming beauty of this being.
oh look at that boy there with that lab coat and colorful backpack, hes cute.!
by dino27 August 30, 2011
Very atttactile person, adorable, and beautiful.
Hey look, Payton is so cute
by benzloverme January 04, 2015
A word that bitches (aka females) use uncontrollably and they don't know when to stop. Basically everything on the face of the earth has been labeled "cute" at some point. Use another word for Pete's sake!
Omg that dress is soooooooooooo cute! Also I'm a bitch.
by The worlds leader February 09, 2014
A word used to describe someone in the friendzone.
Like you're ugly and they don't want to date you're cute
J- Hey do you want to go to Homecoming with me Samantha ?
S- Aw you're really cute Jim but I can't sorry.
by thickbitch September 16, 2014
When used by a girl, it means the guy is attractive but probably not her type.
Girl: "Yea. He's cute. I'm sure someone else would do him."
by AzaleasSuck August 19, 2014

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