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To look at someone with "daggers" in your eyes; to "cut" them with your eyes.

aka a really, really dirty look.

Similar to "if looks could kill"
"Sandra messed around with Veronica's boyfriend - when Veronica saw Sandra she gave her cuteye"
by crinolin queen February 13, 2009
Giving a dirty look to an individual, making your eyes small and shifty looking.
"why are you giving me cut-eye?"
by katie o &dana b April 24, 2006
To glare at someone with such angry ferocity that your eyes become little more than slits.
That girl on the merry-go-round gave you some cut eye!
by scumpunch August 08, 2006
Not the same as roling your eyes.

v. To give a look of disgust and disappointment or disapproval.

Teacher:"Don't cut you eyes at me Deonte."
Deonte: "Ain't nobody in here cut-eye, chillout"
by Nasia November 20, 2006