When you're making fun a someone....
Ohh so u tryna cut...
by Cee SmiLeZz January 06, 2005
(noun) A small amount of money or goods out of a whole given to someone/something.
Boss Takuya gave each of his crew a small cut of the loot from their recently successful heist on the Hachijuni Bank.
by Smkngmgc December 28, 2004
To be upset with something that someone or something has done or said.
I was cut at Louise today cause she called me a fat ugly mole
by Juicy August 16, 2004
off the team.. out of here
damn yo hoe ugly.. that shits cut!
by ea November 30, 2003
To give someone a dirty look
I cut my eye at him
by neeeeeena October 27, 2003
1) To get in front of someone in line without there consent
2) To tear paper into pieces
Six boys cut me in line yesterday.
I cut a heart out of this blue construction paper.
by SakuraSaku March 02, 2007
1. Something extremely bad.
2. Something that is sub-par.

1. The slitting of ones wrists.
That skanky hoe is cuts.
Chimney Imp is such cuts.
by keytwo June 07, 2005

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