to be in the cut is to be in the area
He was up in the cut chilling wit his niggas
by Crystal Fernandez November 14, 2003
A American car made by GM that rappers and others of numerous races of high social class like to drive
Im in the cut rolling on dubs
by Stephen Ogunjobi November 11, 2003
An area that is not hot. A place where many do drugs, or other illegal activities. Synonymous with cutty.
Y'all niggas up at the VP? That 'cut' ain't what it used ta be nigga. Seen two poz there jus' last night, checkin up on it.
by OgreSavage February 21, 2003
1- verb. when you put out a cigarette to save it for later

2- noun. a partially burned cigarette that your saving for later.

3- verb. smoking half your cigarette then giving the other half to someone else.
1- "im gonna cut this boge so i have something to spark up after the blunt!"

2- "hey, did someone steal that cut outta my pack!?"

3- "can i have a cigarette?" "ill cut you on one."
#cigarette #boge #stoge #cancer stick #stogie
by m. sherm January 07, 2010
Angry or Fraustrated
Boy: Mum's cut im won't be home in half an hour.
#angry #mad #cross #upset #sadened
by Vere July 10, 2008
what an emo kid does to get attention
remember kids when you cut its down the road not cross that street thats for emo kids
#cutting #for #fucking #emo #kids
by Travel Sized Joe August 22, 2007
Verb 1. to eat or to bite into something. Derived from the cartoon "biting" sound effect, and then evolved and perverted into the word "cut." Originated and widely used in the NE Texas area, as well as SW Missouri, GA, and SoCal. Uses: Cut, Cutting, Cutter, Cutted, Cuts. See also: Hut, Hort.
Present tense: "TIME TO CUT!!"
Past tense: "Hey, you want some food?" "No thanks, I already cutted."
Future tense: "Dang, those dudes are about to do some serious cutting!"
Random tense: "Quit hutting, you little cut!"
#cuts #hut #hort #eat #food
by J-Lil July 04, 2006
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