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adjective ( -er , -est )

ORIGIN : Scissors, scissor action, sexual act engaged by lesbians, lesbian.
Guy 1: Melanie's hot, should I get in with her?
Guy 2: Dude, Melanie's super cut, she's not gonna pay attention to you.
by Him Almighty June 16, 2011
1 4
when something means something to you deep down. Usually when someone says something mean and you were heaps HURT. Like a wound cut...but emotionally.
"When u said that, you cut me"
"You cut me deep"
by curli_strayt August 08, 2006
48 36
where nothing is. like in a little dark corner.
you scared me when you came out the cuts.
by Zee-Zee June 27, 2005
38 26
the "v" created by the muscular area leading down to the man parts. can be found on any hollister model.
"Girl, did you see his cuts?"
"Yes! So hot!"
by ilikeblackboys December 20, 2011
15 6
To Skip School, Class etc.
example #1: wanna cut with me next period?

example #2: imma jus cut mrs. smiths class cus I failed her class already.

example #3: damn, the school called my house today cus i've been cutting school for 2 weeks

person #1: i didn't see you in class yesterday
person #2: cus i was cutting
by nymdLHO July 27, 2008
22 13
a suspicious area, a location with a long distance out of the way to travel
She had to go into the cuts of Richmond to pick up her money.
Ralph walked through the cuts of Tilden Park.
by Stacey S November 19, 2005
24 15
New Zealand slang meaning that someone is mad or angry.
I dissed his girlfriend and he got cut and kicked me in the guts 5 times!
by ChiefNui August 24, 2007
25 20
In 301 (Frederick, MD) this is commonly used to describe a "smoke ride" or "blunt ride".

Really, any ride in a car where you consume marijuana.
Wanna go on a cut?

Let's cut to Taco Bell.

Can't come over. We're cutting (on a cut) to Baker Park.
by Pepperedtits June 22, 2011
9 5