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To pass gas, or to fart.

The term was originated when someone sliced
into a new wheel of cheese, but most likely
a brick of Limburger cheese... which stinks
terribly despite it being fresh cheese.

(If you HAD smelled Limburger cheese before,
you know what I'm talking about!)
Daryl: Aww man! WHOOO!!! Who cut the cheese?!

Michelle: Owen, man, get outta here, you funky bastard!

Owen: Hey, I didn't fart! Damn it, I didn't!!


Daryl: What's that smell...?

Michelle: (looking innocent) I don't know.

Daryl: Oh! Oooo!! Girl, you got the car all
stanky! Roll down those windows, you lyin' ho!
by Wallaroo January 18, 2006
196 108
To fart. Have you ever noticed a smell at the dinner table, thought someone had farted, and then saw someone cutting a new cheese?
Pooo! Someone's cut the cheese!
by David from Kingsbury November 07, 2003
507 171
(v.) To fart.
Who cut the cheese? Oh, nevermind, Elitist just walked in the room.
by Gumba Gumba May 12, 2004
304 163
To Fart;Let out gas
instead of saying so imporperly "did you fart?" yo ask "did u cut the cheese"
"Hey Charles did you cut the cheese cause it smells like &%$@"
by Yossi A October 12, 2005
93 72
1) To fart
2) To cut into a large piece of cheese
Billy-Bob cut the cheese.
by what's it 2 u July 11, 2005
50 37
when some one farts.
who cut the cheese
by porra6 July 31, 2008
32 29
To fart.

Something that someone has done on the backside of the Wisconsin commemorative quarter.
Who cut the cheese on the back of that coin?
by Sneaky Snyde May 27, 2005
64 61