1. To fart/expell gas from own bowels.
2. To cut an innocent as a part of gang initiation.
1: MAN!!! Who cut one!!!
2: To get in with us, you gotta cut one.
by ¡DŃ™! October 26, 2003
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Verb: Same as 'fart'. Shortened version of 'cut the cheese'.
Johnny cut one in the doctor's office; cleared out the entire waiting room. I told him not to eat that entire can of beans!
by Franko October 26, 2003
to blast ones lunch odour out of the anus with a thundering explosion
who cut one? dirty maggot
by Squatdog October 27, 2003
blow a fart, rip one, break wind, let one
"Dude, did you cut one?"
"That fuckin' stinks, you rotten custard-eating bastard."
by cyb1851 October 27, 2003
1. To slice something
2. Fart
1. I cut one piece of paper.
by Speedfreak January 01, 2004
Plain and simply: to fart. Also known as "drop one".
Eurgh... dude, did you just cut one?
by Mika October 28, 2003
that nasty fcker cut one in the elevator
by soledad October 28, 2003
To expell flatulence.
Ewwwwwww!!! What's that smell??? Who cut one?!?
by 1Spectre4U October 27, 2003

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