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a constantly bitching and whining woman, and/or cross between a cunt and a pussy.
don't be a cussy. i want/need some cussy
by the real mungo July 24, 2008
Another way of saying "customer".


Someone who uses many profanities.
Matt likes to use the word cussy to spite Austin, who denies it exists.
by Matt G March 28, 2005
A really good tasting pussy, tastes as good as cookies
I love going down on my girl, she's got the sweetest cussy.
by Fitcharooni May 20, 2016
When a female smells like her diet consists of a lot of curry and/or curried fish and NOT many baths or douche.
When Raja sat down next to me at the library today, I was so overcome by her cussy smell I felt I was going to vomit.
by amisstree January 23, 2011
a slang word for concussion. or a slight concussion.
where the fuck am I, oh, I think I have a cussy..
by Adam November 30, 2003
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