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Another way of saying "customer".


Someone who uses many profanities.
Matt likes to use the word cussy to spite Austin, who denies it exists.
by Matt G March 28, 2005
a constantly bitching and whining woman, and/or cross between a cunt and a pussy.
don't be a cussy. i want/need some cussy
by the real mungo July 24, 2008
a slang word for concussion. or a slight concussion.
where the fuck am I, oh, I think I have a cussy..
by Adam November 30, 2003
When a female smells like her diet consists of a lot of curry and/or curried fish and NOT many baths or douche.
When Raja sat down next to me at the library today, I was so overcome by her cussy smell I felt I was going to vomit.
by amisstree January 23, 2011