Cuss -verb: to smoke, to inhale, to draw into mouth. Cuss is a term use solely in reference to smoking and/or enjoying the funny-tobacco <aka Mary Jane>.
Cuss - verb (used with object)
1. Its 8:30am on a Monday, wanna cuss?
2. Its lunchtime, I'm on a work break, wanna cuss?
3. Its 4:20 on a Tuesday, feel like cussin'?
4. I'm bored on a Sunday afternoon, who's down for some cussin?
5. Damnit, it's only mid-September and KC's outta cuss till October!
6. I'd cuss at him if I only had some cussin'
by crouching_crouching September 14, 2006
A word used by fags, douchebags, retards, and rednecks to denote "curse." Strictly an invented word that, when used, signifies that the person has a severe mental handicap.
That retard just said cuss. What a douche.
by Righteous Fist August 16, 2008
Mad cunt in BHB
fuck man cuss is a sick braz and he puts up like a graffking
by BHB August 05, 2003
to say the "f word" and not the fuck word
by Anonymous October 26, 2003

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