A curry muncher is a word that can be used when referring to an Indian or a Pakistani. They are recognised by the red dots on their foreheads and the fact that they are attracted to curry.
“Look guys, it’s a bunch of curry munchers munching away at a bowl of curry!”
by Prince Harry February 06, 2005
Top Definition
is an insult to a person who is indian.
eahh that guy is a fucken curry muncher, fucken b.o armpits.
by J.Kickz February 17, 2004
slang used to call someone who is of indian, pakistani, bangladeshi or sri lankan backgrounds, because of their similar backgrounds but most importantly their unmistakable associations to curry.
ie. they smell like curry, their houses smell like curry, all from eating curry all the time, as the smell of the curry seeps into the walls of the house and into their clothes and belongings inside their house.
there's a big problem with indians pakistanis etc. trying to find houses and apartments for rent in western countries because the landlords are scared they are going to stink up the house of curry, and they will find it hard to get tenants in the future as it is almost impossible to fully get rid of the smell inside the house, as the smell would have sunk into everything in the house, and the landlord would have to take everything out of the house and throw alot of stuff away and have paint all the walls and cubpoards in the kitchen.
look at that curry muncher!
by night prawler May 20, 2005
A person of generally southern Asian descent. An ethnic slur used primarily within Commonwealth countries, it may be considered derogatory and offensive if intended towards people of such origins. The main meaning of the term stems from the description of supposed odours that are emanated from a person after heavy consumption of spice or curry-based food substances due to the presence of aromatic organic compounds in sweat.
... and as the mother and her daughter sat down at the bench, the little girl suspected something had gone terribly wrong with the air she was breathing.

"Mummy, where's that yucky smell coming from? I'm scared... and I can't breathe!", the girl squealed.

Concerned that she would die of asphyxia, her mother quickly looked around and in a glance had found the culprit.

"Oh, I'm so sorry my dear. It's seems to be coming from that curry muncher sitting next to you."
by Paul_898 January 08, 2010
A person of Indian or Sri Lakan decent who basically smells, breathes & permeates the curry spices through every unblocked pore and vessel in their being. To encounter one of these is really quite simple; they are everwhere but you're guaranteed to meet one in a taxi, 7-11, doctors surgery or anywhere where freebies are being handed out.
Little Johnny had an arm wrestle with little Sanjeev (aka Curry Muncher) and afterwards whilst at home he complainned to his mum asking: "Mummy, why are my hands this orange/yellow color and smell so much?
by cimzog August 24, 2009
1. an Indian
2. an asshole
'you're a fucking currymuncher!!'
by Irene May 20, 2003
Someone from india. Noticable from a red dot on their forehead. See dothead.
Ever fuck a curry muncher?
by Hunter- May 02, 2003
A Curry Muncher is someone (from India) who cannot stop eating curry.
Austin: Akash MUST be a Curry Muncher
David: Fuck off racist!
by friedchickenpapertowels October 05, 2010

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