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An interesting way of describing taking a dump.
I'm just of to the curling pit to curl one out.
by pixie June 19, 2006
38 50
The best sport. You guys are jackasses and particularly wrong. The Swedish excel at this specific sport so burn! You can not out smart me fools!!!!!!!!!
Curling is a great sport!
by Dictator October 16, 2003
42 70
A true embarrassment to human existence. A non-sport which involves some loser thrown a flat, cylindrical stone yelling non-sensical things at two even bigger losers, using their "specialized" brooms to... SWEEP THE FUCKING ICE.

Usually Canadians excel at curling and win all the championships because the rest of the world is sitting back and laughing at those canucks for even being associated with such a homoerotic activity.
Curling is totally homo. Let's go sweep some ice!
by Anonymous March 15, 2003
78 109